Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ultrasound 35 weeks, 3 days

Outline of girl's face so you can make out the one below it.

Girls profile

Had my ultrasound today to check on the measurements of the babies and blood flow. All is well, however the girl is still measuring small. The boy measures 5lbs 3 ozs and the girl measures 4lbs 14ozs which is at the bottom 10% of the scale. The high risk doc said we could keep measuring her and worrying about her or just schedule to induce at 37 weeks and get her out. I asked her about how the docs keep telling me that they won't do anything until 38 and she said they will once she tells them to. We saw that the girl has lots of hair in there floating around. That was kinda neat. Last time we saw the boy had hair too. The doctor checked my cervix which is flat now and she joked that the baby boys head was so low that she could almost lean over and see him saying hi. lol She said he's very low and that explains why i feel so much pressure when standing and on my bladder. Both babies are in position to be delivered vaginally. The girls head is on top of his head. He's face down and she's face up. She said after the boy is born the girl would most likely turn on her own. She recommended a try at vaginal delivery but that there is always a chance of having to have a csection anyhow or both vaginal and a csection. She said though at this point they are lined up and ready to go. The girl being smaller and second is also good. She said she thinks I'm gonna go into labor on my own before the 37 weeks anyhow and she's also taking me off of the meds. She said I can use them at night if it allows me to get more sleep by making the contractions less. Now I'm scared and excited all at the same time. I guess I should really pack a bag huh? I really hope Nick is here when I need to go. I don't want to have to worry about him being in berks county and getting to the hospital. I don't really want to have any one else take me to the hospital either. I only want my husband seeing me go nuts. lol We'll see how it works out. It's coming to an end....and the babies will be here before we know it. Can't wait to see them! My biggest fear is knowing when to go to the hospital. I almost wish my water would break because then I know it's really it. I've been praying that I know when and that these babies and I have a healthy delivery.

My sister and I in 1981

My sisters high school graduation. We're 12 years apart.....I graduated from kindergarten the same year. :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Non-Stress Test

This is the me with the monitors hooked up. You can tell I'm so comfortable. lol My arm is covering most of it because I had to hold it to keep the boys heartbeat on the monitor this time. One strap is for the boy, one is for the girl and one is for my contractions. At the hospital they use a pink and blue one. In my hand I have a button that I push every time I feel them move. The machine to the left of me charts the heart rates, movements, and contractions. Just like adults, when the babies move or are under stress (during a contraction) their heart rates go up. They range quite a bit which is what they want. If one of the babies doesn't react to stress or movement, that's a sign that something is wrong with their nervous system or possibly other issues. I have these tests every Tuesday and Friday and they started at 32 weeks although I had one before that since I was having so many contractions. The doctor has to sign off on them before I leave. The lady who does them noticed how miserable I was today and she said they usually schedule csections on the 38 week mark. She said to make sure I call and get to the doc as soon as I can if I think I'm in labor so the first baby isn't born before they can do a csection. That just scares me. I mean if my water breaks, but otherwise I hope I'll know. I told her I've been feeling sharp pains low in my guts on both sides but I didn't know if that was digestion issues or what. The pain isn't at regular intervals. I think it's just my sore guts or round ligaments. She said to talk to Maternal Fetal tomorrow about how I'm feeling and see what they recommend as far as waiting until 38 unless labor starts. She said, "not that I'm telling you but I'd start walking once you're 36 weeks." lol Nick said I should try going off the meds too. That kinda scares me though, can't we just schedule the csection and skip the labor? lol

Monday, April 28, 2008

Made it to 35 Weeks!!!

Sunday was the 35 week mark. It's crazy I keep plugging along. Waiting for something to happen. lol One of my small group girls said to "just start pushing"...she's funny.....I told her I don't think that would be a good idea. Nick came back from the first service at church on Sunday to pick me up to go to the second service. It was really nice to worship and see everyone. It's just not the same watching the sermons on TV and the Internet. It was cute, my small group girls were all excited to see me and they got to feel the babies kicking. They love that. I love to watch their expressions and watch them jump when they feel them. There is just something about teenage girls that make me laugh. Their view on the world, their lack of filter, I love it. One girl thought she saw a was my belly button. lol She's also the one who I had to explain where our belly buttons came from. It's funny.....I know they learn stuff in school but with my pregnancy they've been so excited about everything and very curious. Hopefully I've been effective in slowing them the reality of pregnancy without making them never want to have kids. lol I've been able to maintain contact with them better than anyone through texting and myspace. Communication with their generation is so much different. Easier I think. Nick thinks I'm ridiculous for not calling them but they open up through texting and the Internet and then when you talk to them in person they don't put up the front. It works as an icebreaker of sorts. 

These babies have been crazy with being up in my ribs...they are so sore from it. I'm getting a little swelling back in my right ankle.....nothing major but I guess I should watch my salt. Still having lots of contractions which I'm really tired of, they are exhausting. I really can't do much but sit which gets on my nerves. 

My friend from church broke the news to me that my belly button would never be the same. So sad....I grew to love my innie that went to an outie and now is so stretched it's almost non existent. I've now got a weird ripping mark and it's all red and sore. I've sorta been mourning my belly button through it's stages as it becomes more and more alien. 

Notice in the picture that Nick got me a shirt with "horizontal stripes". lol I know from watching "what not to wear" that that's a no no with this belly. I really appreciated him getting me a few shirts to wear though. I could wear his but seriously.....when you feel miserable and huge you at least wanna feel pretty. I've never been a "guys clothes, baggy" kinda girl.

Pretty flowers from my sister. Nick said he's gonna tell people not to not send them to me since I think they are from him and then he gets in trouble. lol

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Docs Appt & Non-Stress Test, April 25, 34 weeks

The non-stress test went really well. The babies were moving a lot. I had eaten some fruit chews on the way there to try and perk them up. So that was good.

I weighed in and I gained what I lost back and now weigh 126-1/2 lbs. I'm hoping that weight went on the babies so they can be ready to go. It certainly seems like it. I've been in a lot of pain the last few days and it's getting harder and harder. I told the doctor about the ripping feeling in my belly button and she said the only thing I can really do is put ice on it to numb it. whooweee. I know it's terrible to not be very positive right now but physically I'm worn and mentally I'm tired of it. My ribs front and back are very painful. The babies are pushing up higher and higher. I have no energy and even riding in the car to the docs appts is becoming more and more painful. I can't get comfortable sitting anymore, laying on my side is still the best until my hip starts to hurt and my legs go numb. It's getting harder and harder to get up out of bed. My contractions are gradually getting stronger and my stomach muscles don't work to help me up when I'm having a bigger one. I asked the doc when to know when to come in and she said at this point when they become painful and I should know when it's time. So we shall see. Nick and I told her we were ready to have the babies out and she asked if we wanted a tour of the NICU. It's so frustrating. I go to the high risk doctor and she says that it's great that I've made it this far and if I can get them to 36 weeks or even 35 that she would almost guarantee that they wouldn't spend time in the NICU, that they should be able to come home unless there are other issues with their health. The high risk doc measures the babies and even though she didn't get a measurement on the girl last time she says they are doing great and they are in the "normal range". I go to the regular doc and the first thing she says is the babies are on the small side. How big does she expect 2 babies to get inside my body? If they are 5lbs on the next ultrasound, I'm gonna be thrilled. If we get them to 5lbs, that is way more than I expected. One of my book breaks down where the weight comes from. That would be 10lbs worth of baby, 3lbs worth of uterus, 2lbs per placenta (4lbs), 2lbs amniotic fluid for each (4lbs), 2lbs worth of breast tissue, 8lbs worth of fluid volume, mother's body stores 8lbs. That's 40lbs! Now I've only gained 126-1/2 and I can tell ya my body isn't storing much, I'm not swelling and my body isn't bigger other than my belly. This 100lb body is still carrying a lot of weight. I feel like a bug with a HUGE belly and little extremities. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Non-Stress Test, April 22nd

The baby's non-stress test went well. They only had to get "buzzed" once. My sister took me so she got to experience hearing their heartbeats. It was kinda funny, her eyes got big when the boys got really loud and fast. It's amazing how much it can change. I only had 2 contractions the 1/2 hour I was hooked up. I had taken my medicine before I left the house and that seemed to work. I also ate some watermelon and nutter butters to try and get them moving. As soon as they hook them up lately they do nothing. They got moving toward the end of the 1/2 hour. 

Last night and today I'm having a lot of rib pain front and back and once again I feel like my belly button is ripping from the inside. Everything is so tight now, I can't seem to get relief from it no matter what I do. Deep breaths really hurt. There is just no room in there. I have another non-stress test and a docs appt on Friday...and then the ultrasound on the 30th. :) The doc made the comment "if I make it that long" and here I am still chugging along so far.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lots of Contractions

I've been having lots of contractions today! Every time I stand and also when I sit. Sometimes every 5 mins. My belly seems to have suddenly got really heavy. The babies must be getting bigger. I'm not gaining weight but it's not for lack of eating. I've been quite spoiled with Nicks parents brining Olive Garden, Isaacs and chicken corn soup. My Mom and Dad got us lots of Schwan food, bunch of groceries, pizza and subs and beef stew.......mmm. Had some church friends also give me some meals. I've been pretty spoiled food wise. :) It's nice to have the grocery snacks to munch on too! 

Nick just told someone on the phone I have 2-3 weeks to go......I'm gonna smack him silly. Does he know something I don't? I'm feeling like any day. 2 weeks at the most! lol If I go 3 weeks longer he's in trouble. lol

I measured my waist for kicks and it measures 39 inches. I measured the waist of my pre-prego jeans and they measure 29 inches. It sure feels like I have more than 10 inches on me. lol Crazy! And WHAT were people guessing at my shower when I was 29 weeks???? A lot more than I am now! lol

Sunday, April 20, 2008

34 Weeks!

Made it to 34 weeks. Still having a lot of contractions but not any different. Last night I had them every 10 mins for an hour and then they spaced apart. This morning I had them every 10 mins again. This morning all 4 feet were poking out of my belly, I was moving them around to try to get them to positions that they didn't hurt but I'll tell ya there just isn't the room to easily push them back in anymore without there being pain some where else. They are starting to feel like little baby feet and their heels are definitely boney

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another Hospital Visit

Yesterday I went for the babies stress test and they sent me to Labor Hall to be evaluated because I was having a lot of contractions. (what's new?) The babies activity and heart rates looked good on the test but she did have to "buzz" them a few times to get them motivated. They have a little buzzer that they use against my belly and they don't like it.  They were moving a lot in the car and then as soon as they hooked up those monitors they went into chill mode.

So we went to Labor Hall and went through the registration process. I'm not sure why we didn't have to do that before unless the doctor that I called took care of it. They hooked me up to the monitors and gave me an early dose of medicine for contractions. The contractions slowed down and spaced further apart eventually and they sent me home. The babies were really active in there. It is interesting how varied their heart rates are. When I have a contraction the babies heart rates go up to the high 170's. They said that after 32 weeks their nervous systems are developed enough to react. So if I have a contraction, their heart rates should go up, the same as if they move. That's what they look for. If the babies didn't react there could be something wrong. 

I had the same doc as I had last time when I was in the hospital. He seemed a little better this time but he doesn't make eye contact and isn't very personable. He checked my cervix and it's starting to change. Dilation was almost 1 centimeter (just starting to open). Effacement = 50% (1/2 the full size) Station of presenting baby was -1. He said these were normal for twins at 33 weeks. 

He said we've made it out of the danger zone at almost 34 weeks. (Sunday) He said they would like to see me go another 2 weeks to get to 36 and they wouldn't let me go past 38. What happened to 34? I knew that was gonna happen. At 36 weeks they are very likely to avoid the NICU. That would be pretty awesome. I saw a baby born on TV by csection at 34 weeks and it's amazing, I expected it to look much smaller. It was 4lbs 11oz. The boy we know is around 4lbs 7oz so it was pretty comparable. It's still kinda surreal even with feet popping out every where that there are TWO little babies in my belly. Nick was figuring from the last ultrasound measurements that their little thighs are 2-1/2 inches now. I can't wait to see them. :)


Dilation is the width that the cervix is open. Dilation can begin before labor actually starts, or in early labor, and is measured in centimeters. For most deliveries, the cervix needs to dilate from zero (not dilated at all) to 10 centimeters (fully dilated) before pushing can begin and the baby delivered. This range is based on the fact that a full-term baby's head is about 10 centimeters across.

Effacement is the shortening, or thinning, of the cervix. Like dilation, it begins before or during early labor. Before effacement takes place, the cervix is like a long bottleneck, usually about 4 centimeters in length. As effacement takes place, the cervix then shortens, or effaces, pulling up into the uterus and becoming part of the lower uterine wall. Effacement may be measured in percentages, from zero percent (not effaced at all) to 100 percent, which describes a paper-thin cervix.

Station refers to how high the baby's head, or other presenting part, is in the pelvis. This information is important because practitioners need to get a sense of how far the baby has descended into the birth canal. Station is determined by feeling where the baby rests in relation to the ischial spines, the parts of the pelvic girdle that protrude slightly in toward the birth canal and can be felt inside the vagina by an experienced examiner.

Station is measured from minus 5 to plus 5. Minus 5 station means the baby is floating above the pelvis. Zero station means the baby has dropped or engaged well into the pelvis and that his head rests right at the level of the ischial spines. And plus 5 means the baby's head not only has come down past the ischial spines, but also is visible at the opening of the vagina (also known as crowning). While the principle is still the same, some practitioners use a scale of minus 3 to plus 3 instead of 5.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ultrasound 33 weeks, April 16, 2008

Girls profile

Girls face

Things are getting squished! The first thing we found out is that the girl has moved. She is now laying sideways with her head lower face up and feet up. Her body wraps around me kinda. It was hard to tell, the doc said she's not head down though. The boy is still in the same position head down, very low and face down. The boy was pretty calm today and they measured him easily. He is measuring 4lbs 7oz which they said is good and in the 30th percentile, he has good blood flow and a little bit of fluid left around him which they said is good. The girl however was measuring small at 4lbs. She was moving a lot and they had trouble measuring blood flow and they weren't able to get a reading on her. Her belly and thigh measured the same as the boys but her head measured small. It's the combination of the head, belly and thigh that they use to determine size. They think she is okay because her head is smooshed against the placenta. They think they weren't able to get a good measurement because of that. With the measurements they got 4lbs puts her in the 10th percentile where they start to become concerned. They scheduled another ultrasound in 2 weeks assuming I don't go into labor before then to check her again. I wish it was sooner then that but if she is having issues with blood flow they said that should show up in the stress tests which I'm having twice a week. I have another one this Friday. Karen did notice that the babies have some hair, both of them. :)

I love the high risk doctors. They are blunt and funny. I asked her about staying on this medicine and she said if I want she can have them take me off of it after 34 weeks. She said the medicine really doesn't do much to stop labor it just slows the contractions. She said if the medicine is making me feel miserable there is no reason to be on it past next week. I told her the last 2 days I've felt better, I've felt more alert and it is helping me sleep a little longer I think. Last night and the night before I was sleeping an hour at a time instead of a 1/2 hr. I just don't want to be on it if it continues to make me a zombie and dizzy. She said that it's not gonna stop labor when my cervix is ready. I asked her about vaginal delivery vs csection. I said the doc says that they will attempt vaginal delivery if both babies are head down. She laughed and said at this point they aren't both head down and in the years that she has been a consultant for the group, they have NEVER delivered twins vaginally. She said you picked the office that does csections the quickest. She said not to worry about that at all. I asked her about scheduling a csection and she said they won't schedule it until 38 weeks. She said if you go into labor and it's after 34 weeks, just ask for one. She said worst case scenerio, the operating rooms will be full and you'll have to endure some labor before they get you in. I asked her about losing weight and she said, who cares as long as the babies are fine. lol She said they will take what they need just to try and graze as much as possible but not to make myself sick trying to eat if I can't. She said it's great I'm not gaining all over and not retaining fluid. She said if they were born now they would have to spend a few weeks in the NICU but they would do great and if they get to 36 they should be good and in her opinion even 35. I told her it's just gonna be hard to know when to go to the hospital since I have a lot of contractions. She said being on the medicine might keep me from having to go to the hospital as much contraction wise but my cervix might be stubborn and might hold out til 38, ya never know. AHHHHHH. lol I don't even wanna think about that. 

The boy is having hiccups right now and I showed Nick, it's making my whole belly jump. Now I know all the "things" that have been sliding across the top of my belly are feet.......4 of them!!!  It hurts the worst when one pushes out right in the center, like where my sternum is. OUCH. I've noticed that my cat Linxx has been spending a lot of time in the nursery and I kick her out every time I see her laying in there. We noticed the other night that there was cat hair on the sheets in the crib!!! Why does she want in there? now we have to keep the door closed. :(

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Miss Church- 33 Weeks

I'm doing much better adjusting to being at home. I miss church more than anything. I've been battling in my mind whether that wouldn't be considered a "docs appt" me it's more important. With Nick teaching the 2-3 year olds at the first service, I would have to drive to the second which I know isn't a good idea with how this medicine makes me feel. Then I think about the drive there, parking, walking and sitting without my feet up. I really miss worship. Tonight I'm gonna watch last weeks service on TV. Pathway now has their services online as well. click here>> I miss youth group and small group too. I miss the kids. They still keep in contact with me via cell phone and the internet but it's not the same. I think of the shut ins that can't get to church and I'm realizing how hard it is. It's something that keeps me going and without it it's much harder to stay focused and easy to get self absorbed, which always makes you feel blah. 

I was an idiot last night. I looked at the clock when I went to get up and I thought it said 2:30 and instead my pillow was in the way and it was 12:30. I took my medicine too early which freaked me out since it lowers my blood pressure. I called the doc on call to see if I should do anything and she said to just go back to sleep and to be careful getting up since I'd most likely be dizzy. I couldn't fall asleep and in about an hour I felt awful. I felt like I was floating in space, had ringing in my ears, and a headache. I will never make that mistake again. 

I'm trying to eat more since I'd lost weight, I'll tell ya though it's challenging. I'm just not hungry anymore. 

Nick was so glad when his Dad and Mom brought his boxing belt over that was MIA. The only thing it's not obnoxiously big for is my belly. lol Nick got a kick out of it anyhow. 

Friday, April 11, 2008

Docs Appt & Monitoring, April 11, 2008, 32 weeks

Frustrated. Emotionally and physically I'm spent. This medication is making me feel awful, my ribs are killing me and I feel like I can't breathe! I haven't had more than a 1/2 hr of sleep in weeks now. The contractions wake me up consistently. I had the babies monitored today and they are moving and shaking as usual. They had trouble finding the girl's heartbeat which had me a little worried but it ended up being low and way off onto my side. I don't know what she's doing in there. I had 2 contractions while on the monitor but that was it. My swelling went down and I'm thankful for that. :) My blood pressure was good at the docs but it changes so much depending on when I take the medicine. It's hard to tell whether it's my blood pressure or not because of the symptoms I'm having from this medicine. I'm very short of breath today and feel dizzy and my vision is strange too. My depth perception isn't right. I lost weight this time. I weighed 123. She asked me why and I told her I feel full and have so much pressure and I guess I'm not eating as much. I've throw up a few times because of the acid reflux but not enough to make me lose weight. She told me to eat every 2 hrs and try to eat lots of protein. I don't have the appetite I did there for awhile and I think feeling like a zombie isn't really helping. I asked the doctor today how long they would keep me on this medicine and she said until 36-37 weeks. Not exactly what I wanted to hear. I told her maternal fetal told me that they would let me go into labor after 34 weeks. She said they wouldn't aggressively stop it after 34 weeks. She said they also take maternal fetal's advice from what they think and see on the ultrasounds as well. The doc tried to feel what positions the babies were in but said at this point it's really hard to tell because they are tight in there. NO KIDDING! I have another stress test/baby monitor appt on tuesday and then an ultrasound on wednesday. Next docs appt is in 2 weeks. She said I can call in the meantime with any problems. Mom and Dad came down to drive me to my appt today. I don't feel like I should drive as weird as I feel. The medicine says not to as well. We ate at Mary Janes on the way back and it was nice to sit in a restaurant with them for a little. Mom brought leftovers the other night and a few friends from church dropped of some stuff for me to reheat which is really nice! That will help as far as eating some good solid food. I keep trying to focus on the babies and this is all to make them the healthiest they can be............I'll tell you what's easy for other people to say that when they aren't the one in pain without sleep, breath or energy! Lord help me, it's one of those days. :) 

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Swelling & Hiccups

I don't think I like this medicine Nifedipine. All the sudden my ankles are really swollen! It's a side effect of the medicine. I'm feeling shaky and short of breath too. It's kinda weird the side effects are pregnancy side effects if they need enhanced. lol Heartburn, bleeding gums, constipation, dizziness, weakness, swelling, headache and more. lol I might call the doc and ask about the swelling...I've been cutting salt back but it's stubborn. I go to the docs on Friday for a regular appt and baby monitoring. 

Now that I know for sure what the hiccuping is, it's funny, the boy does it a lot. Nick felt it....he gets a serious case of them and it vibrates my belly. It's pretty amazing.

Monday, April 7, 2008

First Hospital Stay

My uterus is giving up although praise God my cervix is holding strong. Thursday was a day full of contractions. Random ones sometimes 5 mins apart and some getting stronger throughout the day. Thursday night I was having the stronger contractions that woke me up every 1/2 hr. Friday, I kept having contractions ranging in times. By 7 I'd have a few hours of strong ones 5 minutes apart. So I called the doc of call and it was the doctor that was mean. lol He told me to come to the hospital and to be prepared to spend the night. When I got there he checked my cervix and it was still closed....very good news. My uterus however is tired of stretching and carrying these babies and my body thinks it's time to go into labor. They put me on monitors for the contractions and for each baby. I continued to have 5 min contractions. The babies were doing well though with varied heart rates with their movement which is what they look for and their heart rates weren't dropping due to the contractions which is really good. They came in and brought me a big mug of water which they wanted me to drink as fast as I could without getting sick. I started on that and told the nurse that we hadn't had a chance to eat dinner and she asked if I wanted anything and I joked that ice cream would be great. She was so nice, she brought both Nick and I ice cream. The contractions continued . . . next they brought me medicine and an IV. The medicine  (Nifedipine) is supposed to make my uterus relax and calm the contractions. There was a student nurse helping and the main nurse asked if I was freaked out by blood and needles. I said no and she had the student nurse administer my IV. That was interesting. :) The girl was so sweet though and the nurse was so nice. At first she couldn't get a vein to pop and I asked her to take the bands off to me to get feeling in my arm again for a sec. lol Then she tried again and the nurse found one to use. She put the needle in and was moving it around trying to get the vein. The nurse was telling her not to roll under it. Then once she got it in she was afraid to push in it too far. lol The nurse kept telling her to push it in further. I was just thinking to myself that anyone with needle/blood issues would have passed out by now. Then she gets it in deep enough and she goes to draw some blood before attaching the IV and she forgets to clamp it and blood started squirting out every where. lol I noticed then that neither of them had gloves on. The other nurse attached the tube quickly. Then she attaches the IV and it keeps beeping saying there are bubbles. I thought of my brother because he always freaks out about air being in the IV. They kept tapping it and clamping it and got it going. She was so nice that it was hard to even tease her much about it. After all the blood was cleaned up, they and the contractions continued, they came in again. The student told me I was gonna really love her now. She had to give me a shot. lol Since my contractions wouldn't slow down they decided to give me a shot of betamethasone which is a steroid to help the babies lungs develop in case I gave birth within the next 48 hrs. That kinda freaked me out. I asked why since my cervix wasn't opening, but they said they wanted to do it in case as a "vitamin" of sorts. They told me it would but that shot stung more then any I've had. lol I thought it would be the quick sting of it going in but it kept stinging down my leg. The girl did very well at the shot and it was quick. :) So they decided at this point that we were staying the night, so they were trying to free up a regular room for us. We got settled in there and they came back to give me another dose of the medicine. They checked my blood pressure first and it had dropped to 80/50 which apparently was from the medicine. They held off another 2 hrs and my blood pressure came back up. They took the babies off the monitor in hopes that I would be able to sleep and gave me a sleeping pill. My contractions continued every 5 minutes until 6 am when they slowed down. I didn't get a blink of rest until then. The 4 bags of IV helped with my bathroom visits as well although honestly I think I am up almost the same at home. The nurse brought me some food at 5 am and I was starving. I had two bowls of cereal and felt better. I slept from 6-8 am and the contractions didn't wake me. She said I was still having them but they were significantly smaller. They decided to monitor the babies a little and then send me home. They didn't have much luck keeping the babies on the monitor because they were in there having a party. They were happy the contractions were calmed too I'm sure. I did get to hear the boys hiccups which was really cool. I know what that feels like now. He was hiccupping for a long time this morning. Anyhow, the doctor came in to see me and said he was calling in a prescription for the nifedipine for me and I am supposed to take that every 6 hours. He said he wasn't going to put me on bed rest but he wants me resting at home and getting up for small things around the house. He said the only thing I should be doing is resting at home and going to my docs appts. It didn't hit me until after he left but that means not leaving the house!!! I went home and slept a little. I started having contractions again but then they eased up. I feel like I gained a lot of water weight from those IV's. My ankles have been swollen since. They told me to drink, drink, drink. So I'm trying my best. I don't want these contractions to send me in there until another 2 weeks are up. I asked the doc how to know when to come in since I'm having them so much. He said it's hard to say. He said I made the right choice to come in this time and he said if the same thing happens again where the stronger contractions won't settle to come in again. He said it may take a few times of this and next time it may mean stronger medicine in my IV that would keep me in the hospital a few days. I don't like the sound of that. I'd read that the stronger medicine makes the mother really sick. I'm hoping things don't progress to that over these next 2 weeks. I keep saying 2 weeks because maternal fetal medicine told me if I go into labor after 34 weeks they won't stop it. I'm guessing the docs I go to are on the same page. I hope they are anyhow. Soooo....last night, contractions every 1/2 hr and this morning every 5 mins again. I'm drinking lots to try and get them to slow down and I just took my medicine. Contractions, settle already! I think those steroids beefed the babies've noticed my belly is now resting on my lap..........getting bigger and bigger.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tired- end of 31 weeks

The last few days are really testing me. I've had lots of contractions. They are waking me up at night now and are getting stronger. I've got the round ligament pain back at night again. I haven't slept for more than a 1/2 hr for the past few days. I'm either up to pee or with a contraction. It's so hard to know when to go to the hospital. Thursday, I was at a church meeting and I was having contractions every 10 mins that went to every 5 mins. I went home and laid down and they dwindled off. Last night however they were all over the place. I was having strong one as well as smaller ones in between the strong ones and they didn't let up when I laid down. I had them all night. I've been having sharp pain in my belly literally feels like my belly button skin is ripping from the inside. I can't get relief from it. I'm having a lot of rib pain again as well. I did take a tylenol PM at 5 am this morning and I was able to sleep until about 7. That was much needed. I've noticed all the sudden that I have all these new veins in my feet. Where did they come from? They are every where! I told Nick that I'm tired of being pregnant now. To think that I'm 2 months away from my 40 week due date is nuts. There is no way! lol I'm praying this is just one of those stretching phases and I feel better soon. At this point I can't stand without a contraction, bumps in the car are painful and I think the weight of my belly is really getting to me. Hopefully the babies are gaining what they need to to be healthy. These babies got at least 2 more weeks to stay put. I was thinking about it last night and it really has been a miracle that I've been able to carry double the weight of a normal pregnancy this long. Two normal weight babies, two placentas, two sacs full of amniotic fluid, two times the blood volume throughout my body plus the fluid gain. That's pretty amazing for a small framed 100lb body. God really blessed me through this pregnancy with being able to handle it. I honestly didn't know if I'd make it to 32 weeks. It was a big sacrifice for us financially for me to stop working but I know that was huge as far as me getting the rest I need and being able to maintain my health. I wouldn't have been able to work for some time now anyhow but I think even those early months were crucial for me to be able to take it easy.

Kicks! It's crazy how strong these little boogers are getting. I've noticed they seem to kick at the same time now so hopefully they are on a similar wake/sleep schedule. There is not as much room as there used to be and they are popping out every where and kicking hard enough to hurt. 

Friday, April 4, 2008

20 Things I Took for Granted b4 Pregnancy (in no particular order)

  1. Sleep - more than a 1/2 hour at a time
  2. Dressing - while standing and not falling
  3. Bending - and actually reaching the object I dropped
  4. Breathing - a full lung full
  5. Hugging - my husband and feeling his belly instead of mine
  6. Standing - without contractions
  7. Sitting - without an entourage of pillows
  8. Baths - with hot water and the ability to get in and out of the tub
  9. Eye contact - with people without the constant gaze at my belly
  10. Pedicures - in which I can actually reach my own feet
  11. Belly button - that goes in instead of out
  12. Lunch meat - the cold kind
  13. Clothes - the ones that fit before the belly
  14. Restasis - my dry eye medicine
  15. Thighs - that supported my body and were in plain sight
  16. Heels - and the balance to wear them
  17. Grease & Tomato sauce - late at night with no heartburn
  18. Back - laying on it while breathing and without pain
  19. Chillin - because I want to not because I have to
  20. Pee - the ability to hold it in general especially while laughing