Friday, October 14, 2011


Luke: Mommy, cats have to be married to have kitties right?
Taylor: No they don't Luke! Mommy cats can have kitties without being married.
Luke: NO Taylor. They have to be married.
{wondering how in the world to answer this one}
Me: What do you think God would want cats to do?
Luke: God would want them to get married, that would make God happy.
Taylor: But they don't have to.
Me: We all have the choice to do what makes God happy or not. It's wise to do what God says because he knows what's best for us.
Luke: Yeah's better to obey God.
Taylor: But they don't have to get married.
{Am I seriously having these discussions at age 3?)

Snippets catch up

Taylor: Is Jesus up in the sky? Me: Way up in heaven, and it's beautiful. Luke: There will be lemons and oranges and peanut butter and jelly in heaven but no barbies. Taylor: There will be horses and I'll bring my barbies. Me: We won't need to bring anything to heaven. We'll have everything we need. Luke: Yea, Jesus and God don't like barbies. I'm gonna play my guitar for Jesus. Taylor: I'm gonna dance for Jesus! Me: We will get to worship Jesus all the time, won't that be amazing? Taylor: YAY! Mommy, Jesus is gonna put my up on his shoulders and give me hugs and kisses. :)

It really struck me. Luke and Taylor wanted to worship Jesus by doing the very thing that he gave them that brings THEM joy. (playing guitar and dancing) Pure and Simple. Do we worship God by doing the thing he gave us that brings us joy? Sometimes I think we stress and strive to do good and forget our first love. I wanna love Jesus with pure motives and all my heart.