Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby Language

Parenting couch showed us a video that distinguishes a babies cry. At first I couldn't tell them apart at all and now I'm starting to hear the difference and it's very helpful when you have no idea what's wrong.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Taylor Close Up - 7 Weeks

Luke Close Up - 7 weeks

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for WHAT? :)

It used to be just Taylor, now it's Luke too. He has picked it up so well that it's hard to tell the screams apart now. Luke has more of a un huh un huh un huh in between but she's starting to pick that up too. "They" say twins communicate with each other before anyone else...but does it have to be in the form of a scream? lol It's funny but sometimes it leads to meltdowns which aren't as funny. :)

They were so little

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

7 weeks Over Double

I haven't had much time to keep this updated, they are becoming more and more demanding. :) It's fun though....they are more alert and they make more eye contact with you and are responding to your voice more. I weighed them this morning and Luke is now 11 lbs and Taylor is 9!!! Over double their birth weight........crazy how fast they are growing.

Friday, June 20, 2008

6 Week Photoshoot

My 6 week checkup, FCR visit & Baby Acne

My 6 week check up went well. All is back to normal, just have to lose the xtra "twin skin". Was watching Jon & Kate + 8 and lets just say that made me feel better. :)

We had our monthly visit from Melanie with Family-Child Resources. I learned a lot again. It's so nice to have someone consult who is also a mother of boy/girl twins. She let us know that she's concerned that their services might come to an end. It all depends on funding and legislature. It's an amazing service and I recommend it to anyone with has a baby. This is their website: It's free too! They provide lots of support. You can meet as often as you want and she's available by cell phone anytime. She gave me sheets on development time lines and gave me some tips on what I could be doing with them. She gave me some more tips on relieving Luke's gas and talked about tummy time and some things we can try. Taylor has been favoring her right side and we've taken Melanie's advice in working with her to turn her head to the left. She keeps track of their development and documents it. Luke has just started "cooing" and while she was here he said "AAAAHHH", she repeated it back to him and he kept repeating it. I was amazed. He's starting to try and communicate! She said about how you should repeat what they say and then add something. She said singing and rhyming are good too. She said usually twins communicate to each other before they communicate with you. It's funny she said that because Luke has started imitating Taylor's yell. Now when they are playing they yell back and forth. They could have picked a quieter method of is cute though unless it progresses into crying. :) Luke's head feels like peach fuzz now. There's not much hair there but it's coming in thicker than Taylor's. Taylor has seemingly started smiling when I talk to her. She only does it when she's tired and not hyper. It seems to be on purpose because it happens pretty consistently.

The babies have had a spell of acne. It's been mild before and I asked the doc about it. She said it's from hormones in their system from my body and that it should soon go away. Luke's came and went quickly but Taylor has a decent case of it. It's all over her head, face and shoulders. Doc said there's nothing to do and only to use water on it to prevent further irritation.

Nick got a dose of the screaming I get every morning last night. For some reason they decided to cry and cry and cry in the evening this time. They seem to egg each other on at times. Depends how loud it is. I'll tell ya....Taylor is about as loud as it gets. Luke can scream without breaking but Taylor has serious volume! :)

I'm enjoying the time they are awake and happy and I'm trying to cherish the time because it's passing so quickly already. :)

Bath Time


Who Me?

Father's Day Picnic

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Handsome little man


Visit from cousin Jayden Antonio

Nick with Jayden

Tony & Tracy with Luke & Taylor

Sun Hats for a walk around the house.

Didn't know poop could spray until today

Motherhood...and all that you learn....

Luke started I go and look and it I change his diaper to relieve him and he wasn't done. Can he scream AFTER he's finished? NO. lol He farts and sprays it all over me and continues to soil the new diaper. New meaning to calling him stinker. Last night Taylor spit out formula all over my face. She's been having issues feeding all the sudden. She'll take 2 ounces and then starts spray spitting through the rest. Poor little girl has pimples all over her face and shoulders. I called the doc about it and there is nothing to do for it except to wash it with water. It looks like it hurts. They said it will go away and that it's from my hormones still being in her system.

They are hilarious in their play time. The other day Taylor kept hitting the rattle on the play gym and every time she hit it, Luke would hit her and then she would scream.......they kept playing that game over and over......was funny.

The Girls with LT :)

Brandi & Jones with LT

Brandy & Taylor

Hannah & Luke

Hannah & Taylor

Heidi & Taylor

Jones & Luke

Jones & Taylor

Hannah & Meghan with LT

Jones & Heidi with LT