Thursday, September 30, 2010


Potty Time

{Luke pooped}
Luke: Look Mommy! It's a Mommy poopy and a baby poopy! Wow.
Taylor: It's a little poopy and a BIG poopy! Luke went poopy 2 times! Oh my Goodness!
Luke: Big stinky poopy and little stinky poopy. Wow.

{Taylor looking at bug book}
Taylor: I scared myself Mommy!
Me: What happened.
Taylor: The Bee is GROSS. I scared me! :)

{Taylor handing Luke a book}
Taylor: Luke, can you find the Aye aye?
Luke: I find the Aye aye. ummm....that's not an aye aye...that's not an aye aye....UT! I found AYE aye! Tay-Yer....see it?
Taylor: Good job Luke! Look Mommy...Luke found an Aye aye.

{Luke is now saying Tay-Yer more than Tee-ya.}

Me: {to Taylor} What's your name? Sissy Michael Bair! lol

Taylor: Mom, can I have a kiss? {kiss her cheek} Aww, Mommy...that was a nice kiss, thank you. :)

Me: Ya know, soon you guys will sleep in new big beds and not cribs anymore.
Taylor: {disgusted look on her face} I don't like new beds mommy. I like my crib.
Luke: I don't like new beds either.
Me: We don't even have new beds...but you're getting to be sooo big that you'll get big beds soon.
Taylor: I'm a little girl mommy.

Some of my favorite things about being a mom right now:

Cuddling with them right after they get a bath. :)
Watching them tell each other, Thank you, Please, Excuse me, I'm sorry, hugging and kissing, etc without being asked.
The unexpected hugs, kisses and I love you Mommy's.
Listening to them sing and talk when they wake up. Especially cute when they wake singing Jesus Loves me, Glory to God and Our God is Greater. :)

Taylor- How she wants big kisses, big squeezes, little kisses, little hugs, hands and feet kissed, back rubbed before bed.{she has many stalling methods} How she cuddles with her bunny and kitty at night. Love her raspy quiet voice. Love when she puts her hand over her mouth and laughs uncontrollably.

Luke- When he asks for a hug and a tis. lol Love how the boy says TOE-MAE-TOE (tomato). and titty tat (kitty cat). Love his gremblin giggle. Love how excited he gets to see a back hoe digging up the dirt. :) Love how every time he sees a star he breaks out singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. :) Love watching him with any ball, soccer, basketball and football. {it's def made me super quick with my hands}

I could go on forever. Love my babies who are getting way too big too fast.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Taylor: Mommy, Luke got a haircut. {mind you he got one about a month ago}
Taylor: Luke's Handsome! His haircut is NICE.
Taylor: Luke got a Lollipop.
Taylor: I got a Lollipop TOO!
Taylor: Mommy, I wanna haircut. {She hasn't yet had a haircut}
Luke: NO, LUKE'S haircut! Sissy no haircut.
Taylor: Yes Luke, I get a haircut too!
Luke: NO NO SISSY. Luke's Haircut. Right Mommy?

{Went to the grocery store with just Taylor and a lady commented on how long and pretty Taylor's hair was}

{On the way home in the car}

Taylor: {Looking in the mirror on the headrest} My hair's LONG. My hair's PRETTY! My hair's SOFT. {shaking her head back and forth} My hair's CRAZY! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Snippets

{while I was making lunch}

Taylor: Luke fell down!

Luke: I fell down and hit the tractor!

Taylor: IIIIIIII kiss it!

Luke:{points to his heiney} My heiney hurts.

Taylor: {Taylor bends down, and kisses it} ALL BETTER!

Luke: Thanks Tee-ya!

{They hug}

Me: Taylor where was Luke's boo boo?

Taylor: His heiney.

{I was standing on a stool dusting}

Taylor: Mommy, be careful.

Luke: Be careful Mommy.

Me: I'm being careful, thank you.

Taylor: Mommy get down. {very concerned face}

{I got down}

Taylor: Thank you Mommy. :)

{at lunch when Luke was eating his fruit and Taylor was still eating her sandwich because she takes 100x longer to eat.}

Taylor: {looking at Luke's fruit bowl} Honey, Is there kiwi in there?

Luke: {completely ignoring her and shoving in fruit}

Taylor: {naming off each piece of fruit Luke eats} Ut! A strawberry! Ut! A grape! Ut KIWIIIIII, there it KIWI in there! MOMMY I'M DONE NOW!!!!

Me: No you're not. Eat your sandwich.

Taylor: Ut! An apple! {offering her sandwich to Luke} Honey, you wanna bite?

Me: Taylor, YOU eat it.

Luke: Honey, wanna strawberry? {offering to Taylor}

Me: Luke, no, she has to eat her sandwich.

Luke: Eat your butter and jelly!

{Taylor still eating, Luke's on potty and poops}

Luke: {running out of the bathroom} Tee-ya..come see my BIG stinky poopie!

Me: Luke she's still eating.{He was upset that Taylor didn't get to see his poopie before he flushed it, I wonder at what age that will stop?} lol


{Luke woke up and pooped in his diaper before I got to him}

Luke: I have a big poopie.

{changing Luke}
Taylor {watching} Luke had a little poopie.

Luke: No, It's a big poopie, right Mommy?

Taylor: No, It's a little poopie, right Mommy?

Me: It's a medium poopie. Not big, not little, medium.

Taylor: No, Mommy, It's little.

Luke: TEE-YA LEE BAIR.....IT'S a MEDIUM POOPIE. Right Mommy?

Taylor: It's little Luke.

Luke: {crying}

{getting them dressed}
Luke: Honey {speaking to Taylor} Awww....Look at the flower on your shirt. It's Niiiiice.

Monday, September 20, 2010


{Taylor drawing on her Aqua Pro}
(completely random and out of the blue)
Me: aww...I love Jesus too.
(now she keeps saying it) adorable.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


{in car}
Taylor: mmmmmmmmmMMMmmmm, ice cream.
Me: Ice cream? Are you eating ice cream?
Taylor: yeah...MMM ice cream.
Luke: You don't have ice cream sissy. giggling.
Taylor: yes......mmmm ice cream
{repeat over and over with giggling}

Friday, September 17, 2010


{after nap, walk upstairs to find Taylor with two handfuls of Luke's nerf football ripped to tiny pieces and covering her criba and floor}
Luke: MOMMY........{pointing} Sissy.......NO NO RIP IT! MY FOOTBALL!!!!!
Taylor: {smirk}

Wondering if he'll learn not to throw his balls into her crib?


{Luke helping himself to Taylor's ketchup}
Taylor: No Luke. Luke look at me! Stop dipping my ketchup. {Luke continues}
{repeat over and over until Mommy goes insane :)}

Luke: Look! It's a big bus!
Taylor: Honey, it's a little bus.
Luke: NO, it's a BIG bus!!!
Taylor: Honey, no it's a little bus.
{it was a little bus}

{Luke kicking Taylor under the table}
Taylor: Stop it Luke, get off...keep your feet to yourself.
{Luke seriously can NOT keep from touching and pestering Taylor 24/7}

Luke has been pretending to be a hairdresser and cutting and styling Taylor's hair. She puts up with it until he starts yanking it hard.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Taylor: Luke No. Do you hear me? Luke, look at me. I'm gonna smack your heiney.
(wonder where she's heard all that)

Monday, September 13, 2010


{Nick was playing with the kids while I was cleaning up from dinner and I hear this}
Taylor: Ewww....Stinky! Daddy's Heiney is stinky! {repeated several times as Nick and I are dying, apparently Nick passed gas}
Taylor: {bending over and patting Nick's butt to see if he pooped}
Taylor: WOOOO WEEEEEE stinky! {disgusted look on her face}

Crazy how much these kids are learning and picking up. They are identifying letters really well and they match them up with pictures of the objects that start with the letters. They are learning more songs too.

This is a new one they sing.

They get so excited to hear it on the radio. :) So cute.

Luke is ridiculously accurate with throwing the football and kicking the soccer ball. It's nuts. I've gotta get it on video before he's any older. He loves anything with a ball.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


{while eating lunch}
Taylor: {handing me a grape} Mommy eat it.
Me: I'm full honey, you eat it.
Taylor: {scowling} Mommy DON'T pee on the chair!
Me: {laugh} I'm not peeing on the chair.
Taylor: Mommy, you're silly. Mommy peeing on the chair is funny.

(apparently since she used to say she was "full" when she had to pee that meant I was gonna pee the chair) lol

{still eating lunch}
Taylor: Mommy, I like Good Morning.
Me: You do?
Taylor: Yeah, I like Good Morning but I don't like Nigh Night.
Luke: I like Nigh Night. I like bedtime.
Taylor: I don't. I don't like Nigh Night. I like Good Morning.

(Funny since Luke is the maniac up the the morning screaming at Taylor to WAKE UP SISSY! Taylor is usually not ready to wake up so soon.)

{potty time}
Taylor: Oh it's just a little poopy. Maybe next time.
Luke: It's okay teeya. Good try.

{I was washing the floor on my hands and knees with a sponge and Taylor was grabbing and pushing my arm}
Me: What are you doing?
Taylor: I'm helping Mommy clean! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


{Luke was standing behind Taylor with a train set pole light in each hand, putting them through her hair and Taylor was standing there, letting him}
Me: What are you guys doing?
Luke: I'm giving tee-ya a hair cut. (obviously lol)
Taylor: {big cheese, until they got caught in her hair}
(Luke has been seriously obsessed with hair for as long as I can remember)

{Luke playing with train set and it fell apart}
Luke: {crying and frustrated}
Taylor: It's okay Luke. Calm down. It's okay.

Both Luke and Taylor have been saying "Hey Guys....." to get my and the others attention. Didn't realize I said that so much until today.


{In the car}
Taylor: Mommy I have a big boo boo.
Me: Is it gonna be okay?
Taylor: I dunno, it's really bad.
Me: It'll be okay.
Taylor: No really hurts, it's really bad.

{potty time}
Taylor {looking}: Oh my goodness Luke.

{trying on new shirt}
Luke: Wow Mommy....I like it! It's nice.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Skinny Jeans, Baseball Hat, Play Dough & Georgie


{put new outfit on Taylor}
Taylor: I look cute mommy! :) {big grins} I like this!

{Potty Time}
Taylor: I went BIG POOPY. Luke went little poopy.
Luke: My poopy was BIG TOO!
Taylor: My poopy was REALLY BIG.
Luke: My's poopy was REALLY BIG TOO!
Me: You BOTH had BIG POOPY. lol

{In the car}

Taylor: MY backhoe.
Luke: {screaming} NO MYYYYYYYY BACKHOE.

Taylor: TREES.....MY TREES!
{screaming back and forth}

{on and on with everything they saw}

Taylor: Mommy I want BBQ for dinner.

Friday, September 3, 2010


{This morning}

Luke: SISSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! Sissy....sissssssaaaaay........WAKE UP!
Taylor: Luke, NO......I'm SLEEPING!
Taylor: Luke STOP IT, I'm sleeping.

{quiet for a few secs}

Luke: Sissy I'm SLEEPING.......shhhhhhhh.

{Taylor spots the Tylenol on the counter}
Taylor: {cough cough} Mommy, I need medicine.
Me: Sis you don't need any medicine.
Taylor: {cough, cough} Mommy, ouchy...need medicine.
Luke: Sissy, NO, you don't need medicine. Sorry Sissy, no medicine.

{Yesterday waking from nap}
Luke: SCREAMING and crying.........MOMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! MOMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! {until I come get him}
Luke: shhhhh Mommy, Teeya is sleeping.

{Taylor wakes up}

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The New Haircut

He's so proud of how good he was with getting his haircut. He was happy to pose and cheese for me. Seriously....I know he's mine but this smile is contagious. :)

Mommy's Shoes

These are the shoes that I got at the beach that Miss Taylor does NOT like. Luke however is quite fond of them. :)


Taylor's fav song right now. video here. She LOVES it. She bobs her head in the car and says...MOMMY I like this song and talks about how soft her hair is when she's flipping it every where. lol

Potty talk today.
{Luke poops a little bit, stands up and looks}
Luke: {upset} I wanna BIG poopy. {sits back down}
Taylor: AWW MAN! try again Luke.
Luke: Sissy stop it.
{Later after Luke goes more}
Luke: MOMMY look...I big poopied!
Taylor: {Inspecting it} OH MY GOODNESS....GOOD BOY LUKE!

{Taylor still sitting on the potty while Luke is done and running around playing}
Taylor: LUKE C'ERE!!!!! {repeat as many times as it takes increasing in volume and adding NOW here and there}
Luke: WHAT?
Taylor: Bring me myyyyyyyyyy........{thinking} BLOCK!
Taylor: LUKE C'ERE!!!!! {repeat as many times as it takes increasing in volume and adding NOW here and there}
Taylor: Bring me myyyyyyy........bunny! {on and on}

Taylor: {whispering} Luke......c'mere.
Luke: {skoots his potty over to sit across from her}
{hugs and kisses}


45 mins and counting of screaming from Taylor saying "GET IT OFF ME, I DON'T LIKE IT"...why you ask? I tried BJ's diapers. Apparently they don't meet her standards. uke liked them at first when he saw them because they had stars on them....he started singing tinkle tinkle little star but then he decided he didn't like them once Taylor flipped out. He's' over it.....she's not. lol She even kicked the pack of diapers when she walked by it.

Strained a ligament in my foot. Ridiculous. Sooo thankful it's my left and doesn't keep me from driving. Have a super sexy shoe to wear and Taylor immediately told me "I don't like the shoe Mommy." I don't like it either Miss Thing. She thinks she's the go to girl now...last new pair of shoes I got she said she didn't like and she turns her nose up whenever I wear them. She however likes certain shirts I wear and complements me on those. She also has opinions on my hair. lol She doesn't always like what I put on her....seriously? She's TWO!

Luke got a hair cut without crying AT ALL. :) A little whining and no cape but hey sitting with Daddy without me in sight is working! Taylor had to stand on my knees and watch the whole time. When we told her Luke was gonna get a hair cut she got a very concerned look on her face and said.....Luke cries for haircut. lol They are VERY into the lollipops afterwards. :) Taylor keeps telling Luke his haircut is NICE and she keeps touching it and saying it's soft. :)