Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Snippets from today

{Taylor was pushing the fake food off of the table}
{Luke grabs her arm and looks her right in her eyes at close range}
Luke: Tee-ya NO! You're being a little stinker.

{potty time}
(last two days BOTH have been pooping on the potty before nap) yay.
{Taylor pooped...flush....celebratory dancing/jumping/yelling}

Luke: Luke big poopie tooo!!!!

{running around naked, then sitting over and over, he poops but stands up too early while he's still going because he's so excited to see drops on onto the floor and he steps in it all while Taylor steps on the heat vent right beside him and cuts her foot. It was bleeding...both were screaming. Luke because 1.)he was tramatized that the poop was on the floor and not in the potty and 2.)because he stepped on the residue after I picked it up. (SO THANKFUL the potties got moved to the bathroom) Taylor was upset because of her boo boo. So I put a tissue on it, diaper Luke, clean up the poop, go grab peroxide and a band aid. Come downstairs and Taylor hobbles out of the bathroom and turns around and runs right into the table. Nice little knot beside her eye. More screaming, got her calmed down and cleaned her cut and went to put a band aid on. Taylor flipped out when she saw the band aid. Apparently that is associated with shots and I put it on thinking she'd get over it......NOPE....screamed like a maniac until I took it off. }

Taylor: NO BAN AID!!!!!!
Luke: {pointing to the bottom of his foot} Mommy, band aid foot, boo boo, kiss it.
Taylor: Luke NO! my's boo boo, my's foot! Mommy kiss MY foot!
Luke: Huke has boo boo TOO! See Tee-yah?
Taylor: Luke NO! my's boo boo, my's foot! Mommy kiss MY foot!