Thursday, June 9, 2011


{over hearing their conversation this morning}
Taylor: Luke, that hurts my feelings. {pouting}
Luke: Taylor, I don't understand what you're talking about. {looking concerned}
Taylor: You're making me sad Luke. It's not nice.
Luke: Oh, okay. I'm sorry.
Taylor: Thank you. {attitude completely changes to chipper}


{During a drive we saw a deer, watched it for a little and then it ran into the woods}
Taylor: AWWWWWWW he was sooooooooo cute. He was just a baby. He was going to find his mommy.
Luke: He found his mommy!
All: YAY!
Taylor: Awww he's happy he found his mommy.
Luke: But he's sad because he can't find his daddy.
Taylor: He found his daddy.
All: YAY!
Luke: He's happy now.

{Luke making up a song in the car}
Luke: The soldiers were not nice to Jesus......he died on the cross......he was sad. But he's ALIVE again! Christ the Lord is risen today........{on and on}