Thursday, February 24, 2011


{Kids have the throwing up flu stuff so I slept in their room on the floor in between them. I woke up to Taylor singing "How Beautiful", the song Aunt Elena sang at our wedding, then...}

Taylor: Mommy, it's time to get up!
Me: I'm sleepy. {I was up all night again with throwing up/diarrhea duty and laundry}
Taylor: Mommy, Daddy's gonna spank your heiney if you don't get up.
Me: No he isn't.
Taylor: Yes he is, he did last time. {by the way, HE DID NOT} lol
Me: No he didn't.

{Then I go downstairs to get some supplies and I come back...}
Taylor: Mommy, Luke lied to me.
Luke: I did not lie to you Taylor.
Taylor: Yes he did, Mommy, he lied.
Luke: I didn't.
Taylor: It's not nice to lie Luke, say you're sorry.
Luke: I didn't lie!

Monday, February 21, 2011


{Luke asked me to make his basketball net higher and he can shoot consistently with it at 6 feet. Crazy...anyhow...Daddy came home and started playing with him}
{after Nick missed a shot}
Luke: Daddy, it's too high for you. You can't shoot.
{trash talking}
{watching and following a ballet video, while Luke plays bball.}
Taylor: I need my ballet slippers and skirt!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


{making lunch and I hear a THUD and Taylor squealing}
Taylor: MOMMY!
Me: What happened?
Luke: I was just wrestling her.
Me: Luke, you can't wrestle your sister.
Luke: I'm sorry for wrestling you Taylor.
Taylor: Thank you.
Luke: Do you forgive me?
Taylor: Yea.
Luke: Thank you sissy, you're so nice. I love you THIS MUCH! {holding out his arms}
Taylor: Mommy, Luke LOVES ME!


Luke: Sissy...I'll pull out your chair for you.
Taylor: No Luke, I don't want you to pull my chair out.
Luke: Sissy, don't be a grouch.
Taylor: I am NOT a grouch.


{walking in this morning and Luke had his pj's off}
Taylor: Mommy, Luke took his clothes off!
Me: Luke, Are you supposed to take your clothes off?
Luke: I DIDN'T take my clothes off, I took my PJ's off.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Luke and Taylor were pretending to be David and Goliath. Taylor was David and she was hitting him with a pillow which she said was her sling and Luke was Goliath and falling down. {lots of giggling}

{Our friend Ron doesn't have much hair and while he was here, he says...}
Luke: Ron's don't have any hair. {apparently it's the name} :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


{Taylor got in trouble for not sharing and giving Luke a turn}
Luke: Taylor isn't being very nice. She's not sharing with me. That's not very nice. It's not good. She wouldn't share with me. She was sharing with herself.

Monday, February 7, 2011


{potty time, Luke was done but Taylor wasn't}
Taylor: Luke! Go get me a book!
Luke: Okay {runs and gets a book}
Taylor: I need another book Luke!
Luke: Okay {runs and gets a book} This is a book with sharks!
Taylor: OHH...that's a scary book, I can't read that one. Go get me ANOTHER book!
Luke: Oh okay. {runs and gets another book}
Taylor: Luke will you read it to me?
Luke: I can't.
Taylor: Yes you it to me. Be nice!
Luke: {pretends to read it to her}

Taylor wanted to wear her tutu leggings from Aunt Jody today and when she put them on Luke says, "AWWW sissy, you look SOOOO CUTE!!" and she responds with, "I AM NOT CUTE!!! I AM PRETTY!!!" {...and they continued to argue over whether she was cute or pretty, goodness.}

Saturday, February 5, 2011


someone's getting a little sassy.

Taylor: I already told you! {something she's been saying a lot, didn't realize how much I said this to them after repeating myself over and over}

Taylor: {to Luke} I AM NOT KIDDING LUKE! I MEAN IT! {I have no idea what she wasn't kidding about, didn't hear the previous convo}

Friday, February 4, 2011


Luke: I want sissy to help me put on my socks.
{huge grin from Taylor}
Taylor: Okay, sit down Luke!
{was adorable to watch, don't ask me why Luke won't put his socks on himself}


Luke: {picks up play cell phone} Oh this is Nick Bair? Oh okay, you wanna talk to Robin Bair? Okay. MOMMY! It's for you!


Taylor: {puts a baby under her shirt} Look Mommy, I have a baby in my belly!


Luke: Mom, I need to wear a tie today. My brown tie with puppy dogs on it. {later he says...} I look sharp. :)


Taylor: Daddy marry me. {Nick plays along and she immediately then starts slow dancing with him.}
Luke: Mommy, marry me! {I play along and he gives me big hugs, kisses and slow dances with me}


Luke and Taylor have both been praying by themselves at mealtime and are very proud of themselves.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Taylor: {pointing her finger at Luke while they were doing a puzzle together} YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME LUKE!


{Taylor's been dropping things and then yelling for Luke to pick them up for her}
Taylor: LUKE! I dropped my flower!
Luke: Oh okay. {then he goes and picks it up for her}
Taylor: Aww, thanks Luke, you're so nice.

alternate version.
{sometimes Luke picks it up and runs away with it causing screaming/crying}