Wednesday, January 7, 2015

September-December 2014

Told the kids I had exciting news, that they completed all their math for First grade and we only have some bible reading to do, one more verse and one more art history painting and a little science. And their reaction.... "But we love math!!!!"
Livy: Mom, are we having group today? 
Me: Not today.
Livy: Aww. I miss Turner and Lona and Taylor E and Addy and Ryan and Jen and Bella. 
Can I play on the tablet? Is it charged mom? 
Me: yup
Livy: Sign me in!
(Talking like she's grown :/)
Livy keeps grabbing me and hugging me and saying "That's my mommy, that's my girl." :)
Livy: (from her crib after I tucked her in) Mom! C'mere a sec!
Me: Yes, Liv?
Livy: Lila had a bucket and she filled it with sand and water at the beach. I prayed for Lila. I made a new friend today mom, Jacob and there was Liam and James and baby Madison.
(mind you...she prayed for all of these the midst of telling Luke and Taylor to shut their eyes! lol Lila the 2 year old she met one day at the beach over July 4th and the other 4 kids she met at Chickfila's playground today...I didn't remember their names lol I wasn't sure who she meant until Taylor told me)
She also prayed for baby Morgan who is a baby with cancer. Luke has prayed for her everyday faithfully for 6 months now. Just awesome how they pray. Love it.

Was driving home with just Livy in the car and she kept singing and singing and if it got quiet she'd yell...TALK TO ME MOM! B-I-B-L-E and There is POWER in the name of Jesus are her favorite songs to sing right now...she also sang Jesus Loves the Children of the World and Jesus Loves Me....over and over....and I asked her...
Me: Do you know what B-I-B-L-E spells?" 
Livy: What mom? 
Me: bible
Livy: Dear Lord, thank you for the bible. Amen! :)

Taylor: mom, when do we get to see a real dinosaur?
Me: I don't know because they don't exist anymore.
Taylor: least we'll get to see them in heaven and they will be nice. 
Livy: dinosaurs are sparkly. And yucky and I don't like dinosaurs. 
(Kids laughing like crazy so Livy keeps repeating....dinosaurs are sparkly!)
Last night Nick took the kids to the grocery store so I could work and the kids were helping him put away groceries. Livy is just as involved as anyone of course. Nick threw away an old frozen yogurt container to make room in the freezer and kept putting things away. He went to put something else in the freezer and the frozen yogurt was back in the freezer. I heard him ask, Who took the frozen yogurt out of the trash and put it back in the freezer? Livy says, I did. :) mind you the freezer door is heavy but I seriously am shocked at what that girl can lift, drag and carry just from sheer will power.
The kids at coop learned about the sun and Livys been talking all about it...."The sun is AMAAAAZING momma!"
The sunshine just came in the window where Livy was playing and she says "Oh my sun! Hi sun! Thank you Jesus for the sun!" Ha la la la la Lay Lu ya!" (She cracks me up)
Livy: I'm getting married mom!
Me: You are? Who are you gonna marry?
Livy: Jesus!
So today I walk into the girls room and Luke and Taylor have crowns on and sticks and Livy is holding a baby, bouncing and hushing her. They said they were king and queen and Livy was their servant taking care of the baby Taylor just had. Was wondering how Livy was going to fit into their kingdom. Now we know. Lo
Luke this morning. "Mom, you are awesome just the way God made you." :) Then Taylor chimed in.... Then in the car later...
Taylor to Livy: God made you beautiful just the way you are!
Livy: Awww thank you. Hug and kiss? (Hugs and kisses) Livy: God made you pretty sissy!
Taylor: thank you! 
Livy: God made you pretty momma!
Me: Thank you.
Livy: God made you awesome Luke!
Luke: thank you. God made you beautiful Livy.
Livy: awww thank you Luke! Hug and kiss? (Can't reach!!!!)
Then Taylor starts singing the song.... You are beautiful, so beautiful , Oh God there's nothing more beautiful....
Luke: than you Taylor.
Taylor: mom, did you hear Luke? He said there's nothing more beautiful then Taylor.
Luke: and Livy, and momma.
(Wow they do love each other when they aren't pestering) lol

Livy: No boys on the slide or the cops will come! (What?!?) lol
Luke and Livy come running out of his room...
Luke: show mommy Liv.
Livy: (points to Luke) You're under arrest! (Hits him, he falls to the ground and she sits on his back.)
Me: wow. 
Livy: I batman, I arrest Luke!
(Mind you they both had the biggest cheesiest smiles on ever.)

Taylor started choreographing a dance today...she's been on me to help her come up with a dance for Jamie Grace's Beautiful Day. Watching her just free dance to worship music with a HUGE smile on her face just makes me cry. A good cry. ;) This is 7 months ago...girls got passion. ♥
Livy brought me her blanket and a book to read.
Me: can you share your blanket w me? 
Livy: say please momma?
Me: could you please share your blanket w me?
Livy: okay. :)

Having only Jesus is better than everything in the world minus Jesus. -Carl Lentz
So what's Luke do after an 1-1/2 hr hockey practice. Come home and play hockey outside, eat dinner, then go to the basement to play more hockey
Me: guess what?
Livy: what?
Me: I love you.
Livy: I love Turner.

I walk into the room and Livy is sitting on the chair holding Taylor on her lap with a blanket on.....She said....It's okay baby.....shhhh....and then fed her a bottle. lol Livy in control and Taylor being babied....sounds about right for them both. ;)
Me: Dinners almost ready.
Livy: (runs as fast as she can to me) I get plates??? :)

Last night I was taking off my makeup and Livy was watching and waiting for me and she says so sweetly. "You're pretty momma." Not exactly what I had going through my mind. I love her. :) ♥
Listening to Livy singing Bless the Lord O My Soul this morning ♥
Livy: momma, guess what?
Me: What?
Livy: I........Love.........YOU!!!!!

Taylor: I can't wait to get married!
Me: whys that?
Taylor: because I can't wait to get wear a beautiful dress and have you do my hair.
Luke: what if it's too cold for a dress? 
Taylor: it won't be because I want to get married outside in the summer. It will be so beautiful mom and just to be married and have you there. How old will Livy be when I get married?
Me: depends when you get married.
Taylor: well I want to get married when I'm 18. So Livy will be 14.
Me: What if God shows Livy who to marry first?
Taylor: noooo! That won't happen.
Me: just saying it could. Ya never know what Gods plan is.
Taylor: I don't think so. I think I know who God wants me to marry.
Luke: you do not! Stop it.
Livy: I'm gonna marry Reed.
Taylor: awe that would be so cute.
Luke: maybe she will marry Reed mom. Ya never know.
Livy: yeah, I'm gonna marry Reed. (Big grin)

Luke: MOM! You're not gonna believe this. Livy was brushing her teeth and she put her toothpaste on her toothbrush perfectly all by herself!!! Seriously, she's getting so big! (How did she reach? What the world)
Livy: Momma, Ellianna wears pull ups now.
Me: Really? Wow, that's awesome.
Livy: I wanna wear pull ups.
Me: You have to use the potty to be able to wear pull ups.
Livy: Sigh, oh. Can I just wear my hello kitty underwear like sissy?
Me: You have to use the potty to wear those.
Livy: Sigh, Oh. 
Me: Are you going to start using the potty.
Livy: Hmmm, I don't think so.
Me: Well then you can't wear anything but diapers.
Livy: Sigh.
(Few minutes later I walk into my room and she's opened the underwear package and has a pair out and has her pants off and she's putting the underwear over her diaper.) ‪#‎stinkerpot‬

I love that Livy was looking for Jesus the whole time as we watched Sight and Sound's Moses. She was raising her hands to the worship and calling out for Jesus several times and was very happy to see him at the end. :) she also loved the horses, sheep and donkeys. :) thank youMargaret McGlaughlin for getting us tickets!
Kids didn't get to bed until 11 last night and Luke had hockey practice this morning. Nick went to wake him up at 6:00am for his 7:15am practice and he was already dressed and ready. Kid loves to play hockey. He should crash later.
Luke's first hockey game was going to be tomorrow but we found out earlier this week that only the mites would be playing. He had been counting down the days so was disappointed. Then, His coach called tonight and asked if he could play tomorrow. He was SO excited. Jumping up and down. Talking non stop, asked Nick to go over all the things he couldn't do in a game, he watched miracle on ice and I just went into his room because I kept hearing noise and he was in front of his bed dropping to his knees, pretending to be a goalie. He said he really wants me to pray over him tomorrow before the game. Never seen him so excited. Boy loves to play hockey.
And Luke's watching Miracle on Ice again this morning. Lol kid cracks me up. "Who do you play for?"
Give my kids cucumbers and cherry tomatoes and they literally cheer. Lol the Bair Cubs can devour some cucumbers and tomatoes.
Without being asked, Taylor made Luke and Livy's favorite thing for breakfast. PB bread. She's such a sweetie.
Livys been talking to Turner on the phone a lot on her cell phone. She's been talking to him about football and baseball and the drama around here with her siblings. Then all the sudden she says, My phone died! I have to charge it. Oh no, it's not charging. I can't talk to turner! Lol
Livy was pitching a fit and I took her to her crib while she continued to scream. Luke says very seriously, "Being a moms hard huh?"
Luke and Taylor are starting to learn to divide. Didn't realize how easy it would be for them to divide by two. They've done it their whole life! lol And of course Luke explains to me if we had two teams of hockey playing against each other, how many would be on each team.‪#‎homeschoolfun‬ ‪#‎firstiveeverenjoyedmath‬
So Livy is carrying the picture of turner around talking to him. She says, What kinda picture is this mom? I realized she's not seen making printed pictures lol. She keeps saying, He's looking at me! :) kids are all talking about how much they love him this morning. lol
Livy: Momma, I wanna kiss. 
(She melts my heart!)

Cracks me up that Luke continues to wake up early when he has hockey practice. Up at 5:30AM and excited to go...bugging Nick to hurry up. Crazy kid. (doesn't have to leave the house until 7)
Livy has a cold so she is sleeping beside me on her mattress on the floor. Nick and I crack up at how much she talks before bed and how excited she is to be there. After she finally stopped talking she got up and whispered, Momma. (Yes Livy) she whispered, I......(waited) Love...... (Waited) You......(and hugged and kissed me.) (nick says she has my number but seriously, does it get any cuter)
Pretty sure Taylor and Livy can manage to say "like" and "okay" more than anyone I know and together it's just crazy a lot
I was talking on the phone and started to give the area code of my cell number and Livy finished saying my cell number. What?!? Lol
We went to visit our neighbor today and Taylor took her bible over and read to her. Luke drew her LOTS of pictures (Taylor and Livy made art too) and then when I asked the kids if someone wanted to pray for her before we left, Livy immediately folded her hands and said, "Dear Lord, thank you so much for Mary, in Jesus name Amen." She started to cry and gave them the usual hug after hug and kisses. They proceeded to tell her they love her. She melted. So thankful for how my kids are loving on this sweet woman who desperately needs it.
While eating lunch Livy comes over to me and whispers in my ear, "You're my cutie pie and I love you. " then Taylor whispers, "You're the best mommy in the whole world and I love you." Then Luke whispers, "I love you momma." ♥
Listening to Livy parent her babies is hilarious. "You don't say no to mommy. Say YES mommy. Sigh. Say YES mommy. Sigh. I'm gonna have to spank your butt if you don't listen." Turns to me, "Sigh, she doesn't listen to me. She keeps saying no mommy to me. She's not being nice. She needs to say yes mommy." (Can you tell what Livy's been struggling with? Lol least she understands the frustration of being told NO to everything.)
I was talking to Luke and Taylor for some reason about when we went to pick apples and Livy says, "Mom remember how you get the apples from the tops of the trees? You use a basket on a stick and you pick it off and it drops in like Thomas Jefferson made." Hahaha this girl. We read a book with several of Thomas Jeffersons inventions in it a few weeks ago. She also knows and points out Abraham Lincoln every time she sees him.‪#‎twoyearoldin2ndgrade‬ lol
Can't wait to hear from Luke about his 2nd hockey game this morning. The last few days as he's been counting down, he's been posing play scenarios to me, what if? What if? He said, mom, I gotta practice hard cuz Lancaster might be better than the Buffaloes (first team they played) then of course last night he couldn't sleep. I go in to check on him and he's playing goalie dropping down in front of his bed. He came out around 11pm to tell me, mom, I'm just gonna try to get a couple good saves, couple good passes and a couple good scores. He said the other day, mom, ya think I could be the next Mario Lemieux? I could take his place mom. Do you think I could? Kid cracks me up.
Taylor: Mom, when can I start my own business? I want to sell jewelry. I want to start it so I can buy Livy a Christmas present. :)
When I was getting Livy dressed....Livy: Ya know what're beautiful.
At Panera yesterday, Livy pointed to one of the wall hangings and said...LOOK IT'S ADAM and EVE!!! :) (did kinda look like them ;))
Luke and Taylor just shared the gospel with Livy and had her repeat a prayer to receive Jesus into her heart. They were all so excited. I was trying to explain that she probably can't understand her sin and need for Jesus yet but that they did a great job explaining it to her. Then Livy said no to me when I told her to sit while eating and I looked at her and she said, I'm sorry mommy. Taylor says, Livy now that was a sin to disobey momma. And Luke says but she was sorry, see the Holy Spirit made her sorry she sinned! See mom!!! ;)
No matter how naughty or nice you've been, Jesus came for you to free you from bondage and give you his free gift of hope, peace and life, that you could never be good enough to earn. That's the beauty of grace and the redemption plan Jesus was born to fulfill. Thankful this Christmas. ♥
Taylor's been having a fear of the dark when she goes to nap late and it's dark when she wakes. She went to nap late today so it was dark and she came out crying, I prayed with her and sent her back to bed so she could pray on her own and not allow fear to consume her. So she comes back out an hour later. She said, "I didn't fall back asleep mom but this is so cool....I prayed and asked God for help and for his protection and I started talking to God and thanking Him for helping me to not be afraid. Then I started thanking Him for all the people in my life who I love, one by one I started naming them and thanking God for them and praying for them, then I started singing to the Lord and rocking back and forth. One direction I would say Thank you God and the other direction I would say I love you Jesus and I just felt so good that I started to cry. Not because I was scared but because I was so happy. I'm so thankful I don't have to be afraid and I can just pray and praise Jesus" (umm wow, boy am I glad I sent her back to bed to pray...I felt a little guilty for making her go back when she was so upset...confirms again..JESUS can comfort her in ways that even me as a mother can not.....HE is ultimately her refuge, her shield, her rock and I need to keep pointing these littles to their savior.)
Me: What do you want for breakfast?
Livy: Chocolate ice cream. {big grin} 
(I. think. not.)

It's one of Luke's jobs to feed the dog in the morning and He let Livy feed him once and now she begs him to let her pour the food in the bowl. This morning he asked her if she wanted to instead of having her get upset when he does it. She runs to the job, Yes Luke! Yes! Luke! I help! She feeds him and then proceeds to hug and kiss him and tell him she loves him SO much! He eats it up even though he rolls his eyes at me and wipes off the wet kiss. Now she's offering to make his bed and help him get dressed. He says, I don't need help getting dressed Livy but you can pick out what shirt. Yes! Luke! I will pick out your shirt! (They are so stinking cute together)
Luke wants to know if he can play hockey on the neighbors pool. :)
Livy at lunch whispers in my ear, You're a cutie pie momma. Then she dips everything in ketchup. Peppers, cucumbers, apples. Crazy girl.:)
Kids were matching socks and folding underwear...
Luke: I wasn't made to do laundry mom.
Me: Really?
Luke: Taylor's much better at the little socks. 
Me: You were made to help.
Luke: No, I was made for God. 
Me: Yup, to worship him and you can do that by helping your momma.
Livy calls me in after she's been in bed. "I want you to call me a pretty girl momma." 
Me: you are a pretty girl.
Livy: awe. You're a pretty girl too momma. Love you nigh night. :)
Nick put on a suit jacket for his work party tonight and Livy says "Are you getting married?" 
Nick: Yup to your momma.
Luke: you're already married.
Livy: You getting married?
Me: Who is he gonna marry?
Livy: You!
Me: are you gonna be in the wedding?
Livy: YES!
Me: What are you gonna be?
Livy: A princess!
Me: wow with a dress and flowers?
Livy: Yes! That's all I need! (Big grin and jumping) :)

Livy: Reid is going to dance ballet with me when we are 4.
Me: Really? Did you tell Reed that.
Livy: Not yet.

Me: Which dance did you like the best?
Livy: Sissys....and My Dance....I'm gonna be an angel and I'm going to fly in the sky with wings. That's gonna be my dance. Seriously mom. I'm not joking

Livy: Dear Lord, I thank you for Gods word and that you always help me. In Jesus name Amen.
Tonight while I was praying for Taylor, Livy comes up and puts one hand on Taylor's head and the other on mine and starts praying, "I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life! Amen." I'll take that verse prayed over me! :) ♥
Livy: I can use the nail gun, mom, I'm a big girl now. I CAN. (scary thing is she's NOT kidding)
Taylor is teaching Livy about the trinity. :)
Livy: I don't like that nest on Jesus head.
Me: the thorns?
Livy: yeah that nest looks like it hurts.
Taylor: that was what they did to Jesus and he died for our sins Livy so we could live!
Livy: well I don't like the nest.
The funniest is that we were in the car. She wasn't looking at a picture or anything. Completely random.)
Livy: Luke! Don't argue with me. 
Luke: No, you don't argue.
Livy: No, you don't argue.
On and on....

Today...Livy randomly stopped and started praying...
Livy: Dear Lord, Thank you for healing my leg, Amen.
Me: Did you hurt your leg?
Livy: When I broke it and had a cast on. Jesus healed it. :) (8-1/2 months ago)

March 2014-August 2015

April/May 2014
Every time the kids eat cucumbers, as they eat it and describe the phases of the moon. :)
School question: Why do you think God wants us to talk about out problems instead of fighting?
(Without hesitation)
Luke: Because it gives Satan power if we don't. (Well said)
Few seconds passed wo hearing Livy as I was making dinner so walk into the next room and ask her what she's doing. "Playing batman, help please." I open the helicopter for her and she says, "Thanks mommy" and then starts singing her ABCs as she continues to play. Crazy girls talking a lot. Was singing Jesus loves me this morning. :)
Livy: I wanna show Luke...(walking to Luke with water basketball game)
Livy: Luke watch this. 
Livy: momma, I want some apple sauce and apple juice. Pleeeeeeeeeze.
Olivia starting singing "nothing but the blood of Jesus" in the bath. 
Livy: (this morning) Where's daddy?
Me: he's at work.
Livy: Daddy went bye byes work?
Me: Yup, daddy went bye byes to work. 
Livy: Nurner went bye byes.
Me: Yup Nurner went bye byes.
Livy: Nurner help me. Nurner hug me. 
Me: He does? Do you like Nurner?
Livy: Un huh!
Livy is singing Jesus loves me while loading the washer and dryer. ♥ such a little momma
Taylor: Luke, I'm thinking about what I'm gonna get you for your birthday...
Luke: I want a crotch guard for hockey. 
Taylor: Eww I'm not getting you that.
Luke: well I'm just saying, I need one.
Taylor: Well I'm not getting you that.
Olivia is pretending to read her bible while singing back and forth between nothing but the blood of Jesus and Jesus loves me. ♥
Yesterday morning was one of those mornings that if one thing was going to make me late for church, why not several. lol I try and I mean sometimes I get there early with 3 kids and sometimes, like most times I'm not. Most times I'm not terribly late but this time yeah...So after all the normal make me late Livy having to go potty 3 times, having to help resolve conflict 20 times, asking them to put their shoes on and get jackets 1,000 times. (ok maybe like 5 but still, it feels like 1,000) and asking Taylor to eat 25 times, then ya finally get them all out to the car and realize it's pouring out. Like not just the run inside kind but the get soaked kind so I think I should probably find an umbrella. So I tell the kids to get strapped in and run inside to find one. Find one and come back out to find the kids out of the car playing with half dead worms on the driveway so I very not so calmly say....WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? GET IN THE CAR AND GET STRAPPED IN! And I realize that Luke doesn't have a jacket!!! Ya know the one I asked him 1,000 times to put on? So I go in to find it and when I get back out there, they can't get their seat belts on. Now mind you...they have done it LOTS of times themselves without a problem. So I start going down the driveway slowly to give them time to get them on...they start panicking and give up and I get out, get soaked and put them on. At this point it's REALLY quiet and ya know what Luke says? Mommy, ya know...ya really outta be slow to speak and slow to become angry. You weren't when you yelled at us to get in the car. YUP. This kid bible darts me like no other. So then we talk and we pray for each other and we arrive to church. In the parking lot...Luke STILL hadn't put on his jacket so I told him to as I was unstrapping Livy with an umbrella that flipped inside out, Taylor is standing with Livy and I as were getting soaked by blowing rain and Luke can't get his jacket on. So the parking guy felt bad for Luke and was trying to help him because I had no hands and honestly no patience left. lol It's hard sometimes. I often think of single moms trying to get their kids to church...satan doesn't want you there. It would have been way easier to cry and stay home. lol :)
The other day Luke was upset because he got embarrassed in a situation in front of other kids when he was asked to draw a girl he didn't know. I was processing his feelings with him and I told him that I understood what he felt. (I was a shy kid too) And he says...Mom, no you don't. (excuse me?) You don't know. You only look at the outside of me...God looks at my heart. Only He knows how I feel inside. So I'll take that he thinks I'm not compassionate if he knows that God knows his heart.. {stink pot} ‪#‎iamthemessengernottheirmessiah‬ {The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." (1 Samuel 16:7)}
Livy and I have a cute little thing where if I kiss her on one cheek, she'll turn her cheek and say "this side" to get me to kiss her other cheek and so on and so on. Today I was doing this before putting her down for nap and she says, "You're so funny momma." :)
Luke just realized Martin Brodeur shares his birthday. His eyes and smile got huge lol
Cracks me up how when Taylor is cutting up fruit for Livy she sounds like a cooking show teaching her how. ♥
Out of 3 big loads of laundry Livy told me who every item belonged to. Mommy's shirt, Sissy's pants, Luke's socks, jacket me, etc etc...Lol
Went into Taylor's room to pray over her and she had her bible open and said, "I can read this verse." She was looking at scriptures to memorize in the back of her bible. She read "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. Deuteronomy 6:5" this girl is LOVING that she can read her own bible now. I love that she loves it! And then Livy prayed tonight, "Dear God.....daddy, mommy, Luke, sissy, ....(nick thought she was done and started praying and she yelled, DADDY!!!! Then kept on....) in Jesus name AMEN
So today I'm reading Day 5 of creation to the kids for school and after I asked them, "So what did God create on Day 5" Olivia yells, "FISH and BIRDIES!!!!!!!" before Luke and Taylor could answer. Our jaws all dropped. That girl takes in EVERYTHING!!! Today at the doctors office she was counting the birds in a picture, 1-10 which I didn't realize she could do. Crazy girl.
Livy: Where's Luke? Luke trouble? (yup)
So I make Luke and Taylor practice complementing/encouraging each other in the car which Taylor loves to do and Luke dreads. Luke dislikes getting a compliment I think more than giving one. So this goes on for awhile with Livy saying thank you every time and Taylor saying awwww Luke, thank you and Luke sighing and then Luke says mama I like your leg. Cheee thanks buddy. And Taylor says Luke that sounds like something daddy would say. True story.
Livy's been sleeping in her swing because of her congestion still. So Taylor heard her wake up and she went to get her out and she RUNS toward me yelling, "Momma, I got a good nap!" and then she gives me a high 5, fist bump and a big hug. I love that girl. Cracks me up.
Last night Taylor grabbed my bible and opened it and started reading it next to me. With help she read Mark 5:9-20 about the man who was freed from demons. She has been so excited to read bibles more and more on her own and so today Luke and Taylor both got new bibles for Easter and they are really excited to read them. Got the "Big Picture" bibles with tabs and everything. I kinda wish I had one. ;)
Livy is sick of this cast.. She keeps saying momma get it off, shoes on. :(
When asked what Taylor wants for her birthday, she tells me SKINNY JEANS. ‪#‎sheismydaughter‬ lol
Come home (at 10:30pm) from my Moms Night Out with some awesome ladies and I walk in to hear Livy say from her crib, "Mommy's home!" and then Luke and Taylor both open their doors...Luke says, Hi momma with a big grin and hug and Taylor says, Can you come pray over me...I love them to pieces. Go see the movie, Mom's Night Out. It was a breath of fresh air and an awesome message for mommas. :) We need to do this more often
Me: (to Taylor)What would you like for breakfast?
Taylor: Rabbit balls. 
(Dying.... She meant trix)

Luke & Taylor's yearly docs appt was today. Is it normal that while they waited in their undies they were dancing around like maniacs and Livy threw a fit wanting to take her clothes off. Crazy kids.
Livy cracks me up and it's crazy how much she talks. Some of my favorite things she says a lot:
Holy mackerel.
Oh my gosh. 
Awwww, that's sooo cute.
What's that for?
How's that work?
Aww, so nice.
That tickles.
Momma, cuddle me.
I'm awake!
Love you, nigh night.
That's mine!
My tablet!
I'm 6!
I pray!
I go outside!
I wanna play!
I want (anything Luke and Taylor are doing) lol
I wanna show sissy. (When she gets dressed)
I wanna see!
I wanna help!
Help please!
I need you!
You're a stinker pot!
I score on Luke! ( she loves how this gets Luke fired up)
Excuse me. (When she burps or needs to get by)

...Before the age of 2...Livy has figured out how to push her brother's most sensitive button...she's been saying..."I score on Luke!" and she gets the BIGGEST grin and raises her eyebrows waiting for his reaction. It's hilarious and she ALWAYS gets the reaction she wants. :) Those two constantly try to out pester each other. Should be interesting as they grow up together.
I over hear Taylor and Livy...
Taylor: Do you wanna be a big girl like sissy?
Livy: un huh!
Taylor: Then you're gonna have to stop flipping out about getting your hair wet. You don't have to be afraid. And I have a lot of things to teach you...

Taylor: (talking about Luke's drawing) shouldn't Jesus be bigger?
Luke: No, Jesus is about the size of Daddy. Well, actually he's probably bigger than Patrick Tanner.
Taylor: Patrick's huge!
Luke: Yeah he is.

Taylor put my mail in the mailbox this morning and then started reading her library book out loud. I feel like she got a lot older all the sudden.
Livy: Mommy, Paint my toes!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze mommy! I want pink!!!! (stomping her feet with a huge grin and raised eyebrows) lol
Listening to Luke and Taylor read. ♥
Well Luke found the thing that fires Livy up as much as her saying "I score on Luke" does to him....
"MY chocolate!" (no chocolate even needs to be present) lol

Well Livy definitely understands sharing. I told her to share the iPad with Luke, so she handed it to him then threw herself on the floor and cried. :)
Livy on the sprinkler: I don't like it... It's cold!!! And she continues to repeat. " I don't like it! "
June/July 2014
Livy (talking about church on the way home) I played with Evie and Ellie. Evie was stuck and she said, help me I'm stuck and her mommy helped her. I sat on chairs with Ellie. Ellie's mommy was talking to me. I saw Nurner. He got me. Awwww Nurner. And Taylor was there (Taylor E) I saw Gina. (Taylor starts to talk) No sissy! I'm talking to mommy! And I was running with Luke. I win. I win. Then I saw pappy and grandma and Kim. Mick went bye byes....and I saw Rachel. She's so nice. Lona pick me up and it was so funny. Oh my gosh and she did it again and again...on and on....
Last night while Taylor was planting, Livy was telling me she was going bye byes and was trying to get into both cars. I asked where she was going and she said church and she kept saying....oh, I'll be right back and was trying to go back into the house because she was forgetting things. Wonder where she saw that? Lol
Livy watching a blue jay at the feeder: " Awe mommy, he's sooooo cute, look at em."
Ugh. That tumble down the hill. (Livys broken leg) so far has cost us $940 out of pocket :( thank The Lord it was treatable and she seems fine now. Can't imagine if she would have needed another cast.
First words out of his mouth this morning...
Luke: ya know mom, it's so cool how creative God is. 
Me: Whys that?
Luke: like how he made us all go to the bathroom different ways...
Me: What do you mean?
Luke: like girls have to put the seat down, boys stand. Isn't God creative?

Taylor bumped her toe and bent back her toenail and it was bleeding. I put her on the bathroom counter to rinse it with water and immediately in come Luke and Livy. Luke prayed over her and then Livy says, "I wanna pray, I wanna pray!" Then she touched her and prayed "Dear Lord, Amen." :) She has started praying for her friends as well which is so cute to hear her listing off names. :)
Livy : (pushing a chair up to me) I want makeup mommy!!!! I want makeup!
Taylor on the way home from recital...
Taylor: Mom did you see the guards taking Vashti away?
Me: Yup
Taylor: it's a shame she didn't obey the king. It's a shame she was sooo beautiful on the outside and not on the inside. Esther was beautiful on the inside and the outside. God looks at the heart and Esther was beautiful inside too. (I'm telling ya they memorized that verse in Samuel when they were 3 and it comes up a lot! Planting spiritual seeds works.)

Luke remembered that I told Livy she could have a granola bar after nap so he asked me if he could get one for her and she started jumping up and down saying Thank you Luke! Then he opened it for her and she hugged him and told him he was nice. :) she cracks me up.
Goodness Luke and Taylor are crazy competitive with sight word drills. I just started doing them and I had no idea how many words they know and how crazy they would get. Luke jumps up and down the whole time lol
(In car) Luke: ya know when I'm a police officer I'm gonna drive a police car like that.
Taylor: hey there's an ambulance, I'm gonna be an ambulance driver. 
Luke: Livy you wanna drive a fire truck and be a fire girl?
Livy: Un huh! Yay!
Luke: awesome cuz all of us in the same family then will be emergency workers to help people. :)

Was cleaning up and the kids started playing their behind the chair fort game so they told me they'd clean it up when they were done. I finished vacuuming and asked them to clean it up and Taylor says, "No mom, were playing family and fighting off the enemy, we will just leave it here so we can play again.
Luke: (quietly to Taylor) Taylor, we have to do what we said. We told her we would clean it up and if we don't, next time she won't believe us so we have to do it so she trusts us. (Love this kid and him wanting to do what's right)

Taylor: josh said that I'm gonna look like a princess. I told you he's full of goodness. :)

And earlier...
Taylor: isn't it great that God picked Josh to be Jody's husband? He's so nice
The moment when you realize there's a sippy cup in the house with milk and you can't find it. :-0 And after searching high and low to try and avoid spoiled milk...that moment you find it in the microwave and know that no child could have reached to put it there pretty much meaning you're insane having put it in the microwave meaning to heat up your coffee. Wonder if I drank my coffee wondering why it was cold yesterday? Hmm.
Luke cracks me up. He's constantly combining words to make new ones or using words that sound like others. Examples of late. 
Luke: I have a terrible rememory. (Remembering and memory)
Luke: I have a cut but it's already a scalp so I don't need a band aid.
When we were on vacation we went to Red Robin and when we walked in there was hockey on tv. Livy immediately started yelling, " Hockey! Hockey! Luke! Look, Hockey!" The staff was cracking up at her.
At 2 Livys in the 68th percentile for height and 38th for weight. So maybe she will still tower over us all? lol still weighing 25lbs just 5 pounds shy of 6 year old Taylor. So I guess Livy is a big girl. :)
I paint Livys nails and she says, Awesome mommy! :)
Livy prays every night for the little 2 year old friend, Lila she made at the beach. ♥
Livy counted 12 markers. Hmm. Didn't know she could do that. :) Luke and Taylor said she can count to 20, I've heard her count to 16 without skipping numbers. Crazy what she picks up from just watching
Last night. Livy was praying over Luke, she lays her hands on him. 
"Dear Lord, I pray for Ellianna and Pappy and his boo boo and Mick and his boo boo. In Jesus name, Amen."
Luke: Hey, you didn't pray over me? You didn't even pray for me?!?!" Lol
Livy talking on her play phone:
Livy: Hi, how are you? Un huh. Yes! I do!
Me: Who are you talking to?
Livy: Jesus!
Typical (outside we hear an ambulance far away)
Livy: what's that mom?
Me: you tell me.
Luke:you think that's an ambulance or police?
Me: what do you think?
Luke: That's an ambulance. I know it's an ambulance.
Livy: me too. I know. I know it's an ambulance. It's like (makes ambulance sounds) I know it's an ambulance cuz it's like (makes ambulance sounds) do you think it's an ambulance mom? 
Me: yup I think it's an ambulance.
Livy: it's an ambulance Luke! Did you hear it?
Praying over Luke tonight...
Luke: Mom, can I have tea w honey, my throat is sore.
Me: you should probably not play any hockey if your throat is sore. 
Luke: Then you can't have coffee.
Me: you want me to have coffee or I'll be grouchy.
Luke: Are you believing in coffee mom? Is coffee your god? Are you worshipping coffee mom. Cause coffee can't not make you grouchy.
As we're swinging on the glider together)
Livy: I love swinging. sigh, I love you momma. I love kisses and hugs. I love YOU momma!
I really wanted a nice quiet hot bath tonight. It's been a long time since I've tried for when Nick was home, I tried sneaking off...this is what happens...
Livy: No momma, I miss you. (grabbing me)
Me: I'm just going to take a bath.
Livy: I follow you. (follows me and watches me)
Me: (putting bubble bath in)
Livy: What's that for?
Me: For bubbles.
Livy: Bubbles? Oh okay. You need bubbles?
Me: Yup, I need bubbles.
Livy: You're getting a bath mom?
Me: Yup.
Livy: I get a bath?
Me: No, you already had a bath. Momma's gonna get a bath. (getting in)
Livy: Does it feel good Mommy? Is it hot?
Me: Yup.
Livy: Mommy, want my scrubbie?
Me: No thank you.
Livy: Want my boats?
Me: No thank you.
Livy: Want my washcloth?
Me: No thank you.
Livy: Want your phone?
Me: No thank you.
Livy: Want me to take pictures? (holding my phone)
Me: LOL No thank you.
Livy: Are you gonna get your hair wet?
Me: No.
Livy: Why not mom? Can I get your hair wet? I'll help you. (holding up her cup to pour water on me)
Me: No thank you.
Livy: Holy mackerel that water is huge! (putting her hands in it)
Me: Dry your hands off.
Livy: What are you doing in there, mom?
Me: Nothing.
Livy: Want my boats?
Me: No thank you.
Livy: Want my scrubbie?
Me: No thank you.
Livy: Do you want a kiss?
Me: Sure.
Livy: (leans in and kisses my cheek)
Me: Thanks Livy.
Livy: Is it hot?
Me: Yup.
Livy: (blowing on the water) It's hot mom.
Me: Yup.
Livy: Are you getting out? I'll help you. (Reaching to hold my hand and grabbing a towel)
Me: Thank you.
Livy: You're welcome Mommy.
Want to see my kids go nuts? Play Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite, Russian dance. They can be in the worst mood and Bam! Lol cracks me up.
August 2014
Last night while we were praying Livy prayed for some of her friends and family and then thanked God for ketchup. This got Luke and Taylor giggling so hard that Livy continued to pray for fries, mustard and hot dogs. And again and again...."Dear Lord, I pray for ketchup." :) ♥
Me: are you guys ready to see daddy and Lona in the play?
Kids: Yes!
Livy: I want to play with Lona!
Me: she's going to have her wig on her head.
Livy: you serious? Seriously?
Livy: Look at our neighbors, for Pete's sake they don't have clothes on. (They were swimming in bathing suits)
Taylor: Alcohol would be good to drink before going to sleep at night. 
Me: What?
Taylor: Well if it makes you sleepy and not remember things it would be good to drink if you were thinking of bad things and couldn't sleep. 
Me: Ya think?
Taylor: Or you could pray. That would probably be better. 
Luke: Yeah, you shouldn't worship alcohol to help you sleep Taylor. You should trust God.
(I've has a couple conversations w them about driving under the influence to answer questions and how drugs and alcohol can make you have accidents, not remember and fall asleep but that was awhile ago, just never know what will come out of their mouths)
Livy: Luke! Taylor! Mommy wake up me!!! :) Sissy! Wanna watch ballet or play with my babies? I'll get your hockey stick Luke. Score! Mommy, I want waffles for breakfast! Peanut better bread and yogurt and berries and milk. 
Luke: I want two pieces if peanut butter bread.
Livy: I want 3 or 4 or 5. 
Me: Really?
Livy: Yes please! Look mom, it's raining out. 
(Someone's talkative today)
Livy: Mom! I need a dress. I need to dance with sissy. I need a dress please!!!
Taylor: Look Mom! The trees are praising God by waving their hands! :)
Livy: I pray mom? 
Me: Go ahead.
Livy: Dear Lord...I pray for sissy and Luke and mommy and daddy and Lila (2 yr old she met at the beach) and Lila's bucket, she shared with me! Mom! Close your eyes! Okay and I pray for Luke and sissy and mommy and daddy and Turner. Turner get me. And Taylor E....
Me: in Jesus name...
Livy: I not done mom!
And I pray for Lila and my babies and ballet. In Jesus name amen!
Livy: (just woke up from nap) Taylor! Did you miss me? (hugging her)
Taylor: Yes I missed you. (Kissing her)
Livy: Hi Luke! Whatcha doing Luke?
Luke: Hi Olivia. I'm just drawing. 
Livy: oh okay. Sissy are you doing a craft?
Taylor : Yup. 
Livy: I do craft and draw too guys.
Livys watching a Read and Share Jesus movie and it was telling about Adam and Eve sinning in the garden. I love these DVDs because they are told with literal scripture. When it said, "God asked Adam and Eve what they had done. " Luke explains to Livy: "God knew what they did, he knows everything! but he was giving them the chance to tell Him the truth." Livy repeats, "God knows EVERYTHING!" I love these kids. And how good is God to give us the chance to repent? He just wants us to drop our pride, humble ourselves, fess up and ask Him for help.
Luke was doing his weekly chore of cleaning the baseboards. Livy always helps him by following behind him with her own cleaning cloth. This time he found a spider web with a spider in it in the corner...Livy puts her pout on says to me...
"I wanna spider too, Mom!
Livy: (first thing from her crib) Mommy! I wake up! I miss you! I want peabuttur bread and coffee please! :)
Taylor: ya know mom, you have some pretty funny kids. I'd say. ;)
Me: yeah you are.
Taylor: and smart too!
Me: Yea you are.
Livy: Sissy's pretty!
Taylor: awww thank you Livy. You're pretty too.
Livy's been bringing us her bible to read as we read one of Luke and Taylors and tonight I was reading about Jesus healing the blind man and Taylor asked if she could read it to her since she can read Livy's bible really well...
Livy: He has mud on his eyes! Yuck!
Taylor: Jesus healed him! He couldn't see.
Livy: He's messy! He needs a wipe.
Taylor: That man couldn't see Liv and Jesus healed him so he could see. Isn't that amazing? 
Livy: Amazing!
Taylor: No Doctor...No magic...Nothing could heal like that. Only Jesus, Liv.
Livy: Yay! Jesus! :)
At dinner...
Luke: I can't wait for Livy to ask Jesus into her heart. I can't wait to teach her how Jesus can save her from her sins. I know she's only 2 but I think she's gonna understand it soon cause she's really smart for 2. I know we were 4 but I think she will before that. I've been praying for it. :)
Taylor: Me too.
Livy prayed for another little 2 year old girl Leena, by name that she met one time at a park in July and she still prays for the 2 year old girl she met at the beach, Lila, and her bucket of course. :) So amazing how these kids recall names in prayer. ♥ A few times I'm struggling to figure out who they mean because I can't remember.
Livys feeding her baby with a spoon and blowing on each bite to make sure it's not too hot. Such a good mommy. ;)
Luke: I just love reading bible stories mom. Jesus' miracles are amazing. I could just keep hearing those stories over and over.
I have been challenged to the Gratitude/Blessing Challenge for the next 5 days by Stacy Kessler Shaffer. Each day I must post 3 things I am thankful for, as well as nominate 2 people to the challenge. 

1. all the hugs given in the morning

2. coffee. cream. sugar.

3. pathway. the move of God that's happening among the body.

4. Sunsets. Seriously can God be any more creative and any more romantic then to paint us such a beautiful canvas in the vast sky? Every time I see one, I'm in awe.

5. Husband and Kids. My husband...hardworking and passionate about people of all ages. As a children's pastor and dad, his heart for kids is one that inspires others...and at his full time job, he loves building genuine relationships with people and cares far more then about the sale. My kids are amazing little reminders of God's love and I can't imagine life without having them continue to grow me up in my love for Jesus. :)

6. Family. My parents and siblings are ones that have been loyal and true and have always believed in me and loved me even when I wasn't always lovely. Never did I ever have to doubt them giving up on me. My inlaws are far from ones I dread but are added blessings to my life.

7. Photography. It's not hard to notice that I take a TON of photos. I'm so thankful for the ability to do so because I'm a visual person who loves to capture moments and for someone who forgets A LOT...memory are really important to me. "Seeing" moments and treasuring them. There is something about photography that STILLS a moment in time...when time seems so fleeting.

8. Color. The fact that Nick is color blind makes me a bit sad for him. He can't see the vast spectrum that God created and I sooo appreciate every color and hue. :) Probably part of my excitement of seeing rainbows and sunsets and there are many Pantone colors that I have memorized for the go to's. Color combinations....contrast and saturation.....every aspect is amazing to me. The designer in me LOVES color.

9. Dance. Why not be completely artsy today. Seeing something I love so much being used in a way to worship the Lord. It makes my heart melt to watch Taylor dance to worship music. The blessing of finding Light of Life Performing Arts and seeing the ministry that is happening there is awesome. Dance can certainly be used in ways that aren't honoring the Lord and seeing it redeemed for God's glory and for his worship is amazing.

13. Kids Nap time. Quiet. Time in which I can start something and have a chance at finishing it. This includes thoughts. :)

14. Clouds. Another obsession of mine. And in color theory you learn that light blue and green are calming colors. How awesome is it to have green grasses and blue skies to gaze at? There's something about creation that can calm the soul. I guess I'm on my color kick again but the fact that God created us for our world and our world for us even down to the color of the sky shows the detailed care and love he has for his children.

15. Nail polish. Something that's a special treat for Taylor and Livy. Livy LOVES having her nails painted. Having my Nail Tech license is not something I used much but it is nice to be able to get cosmetology supplies at half the cost. ;) I rarely get the time to care for my own nails but I'm enjoying the excitement of the girls when I paint theirs. :)
The kids were so excited a neighbor came over to play for a little tonight. They all three prayed for her tonight and along w lots of giggling and doctor playing I heard Taylor reading the bible to her. Come to find out she's been copying several sections of the bible in her notebook and she was reading from it. She was reading about Isaac praying for a child and The Lord answering his prayers. ♥ love that she's reading and writing Gods love letter to her all by herself.
September 2014