Monday, October 5, 2009

+ Ear infection

No wonder Luke screamed all night. He also has an ear infection. Boys been hugging on me all day and WON'T nap. :(

Pink Eye is winning :( 6 outta 8 eyes...

For 2 weeks LT have had a cold...1 week ago Taylor got pink eye in both eyes, noticed it at the docs for their vaccines and flu shot. Now Luke and I have pink eye, Luke's cold is sleep last night. Praying this ick gets outta this house soon ad that Nick doesn't get it. He has the flu/cold with us but he certainly doesn't need the pink eye.....put Luke to bed...spending some one on one with my girl and covered in laundry. Taking them back to the doc this afternoon and hoping the doc will just call something in for me without seeing me. exhausted.