Friday, April 10, 2009

The Day before Good Friday

Nick and I were thrown a curve ball yesterday. I've felt sort of emotionally drained and a little numb since. Nick was told by his employer that they were letting him and another salesman go for financial reasons. Three days notice. Not only was it a complete shock to us but the lack of time put us into a bit of a panic. I mean, we have one kid sick on breathing treatments and immunizations coming up and my first thought insurance. Nick has been spending all his time of the phone trying to let all his connections know and asking them if they know of anyone who is looking to hire. He's willing to do whatever he can in the meantime. We have such a great church family and we have someone who already had him look at their deck and some doors to work on. He's talking to some other people too. All I could think was...we barely make ends meet now with me not working full time. We've cut the obvious things so I could stay home so there's not a ton left to cut. We're running pretty lean now. He'll lose his cell phone. We were paying a portion out of our check to use it as his personal as well. So we'll have to do something there. As you can tell...I'm a detail person. I'm stressing about the details. How we're gonna pay mortgage and health insurance. My freelance has slowed down too which doesn't help much. Part of me feels like I need to try and do something. I've been meaning to get some sample wedding invites together to be able to show. I've just not had the time. Nick doesn't want me to worry about having to take on that pressure but I do feel it. I was just thinking before this happened, if I could get in one hour a day of freelance, that would be $1000 to contribute/month. It just doesn't come like that though. Everyone's cutting back and marketing takes a cut too. Nick sees the big picture and even though he took a blow emotionally, he's thinking of ways to make money and not worrying about the details. The Lord has always provided for us. Even when it didn't make sense on paper. We always have had what we needed...not a lot extra...but what we needed. Emotionally with Hannah leaving for bootcamp, the babies being sick and now this...I just feel wiped. It's weird though...I have an overall peace though that it will be okay. Thank you Jesus for that!

There is one thing I do know...and it's becoming one of my favorite verses:
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

I know that even though this is not what we planned to happen and it's not what we wanted to happen. We KNOW that God works for the GOOD of those who love Him. We certainly love him and we know, this is his plan and it'll accomplish his purpose as long as we continue to follow his lead. What would we do without the relationship we have with Jesus. Nick and I kinda chuckled that there's nothing like getting the ax the day before good friday...but's a reminder of what Jesus gave up for us. Makes our situation seem like a drop in the bucket.

Please pray that we are able to follow God's lead to what he wants for us next. For wisdom to know how to handle finances and for strength to weather this storm. Thanks.