Thursday, January 13, 2011


Luke: Jonah didn't listen to God, Mommy. That's not good.
Me: No it's not.
Luke: He's in big trouble.


Taylor: It's okay Savannah {patting her doll's back}
Luke: Lasagna fell down.
Taylor: LUKE it's SA-VAN-AH!
Luke: Lasagna?
Taylor: SA-VAN-AH!
Luke: {realizing he's getting a rise out of her} LA-ZON-YA!
Taylor: {crying} MOMMY! Luke's not saying it right.


Taylor: Good Morning Mommy! I love you honey bunny. :)


Luke: Tay-yer play football with me.
Taylor: Oh okay.
Luke: Wow, Tay-yer, that was a good throw. You're good at football.
Taylor: {giggling} HA....I KNOW!
Luke: Mommy, did you see Tay-yer throw the football? She's a good football player.


Taylor: MOMMY! Luke colored on my picture! Take it off LUKE! MOMMY! Luke messed up my picture!