Sunday, June 28, 2009

Enjoying the Patio - Part 2

I love this precious little girl.

Where's Taylor?

Peek-a-boo! Never gets old.

My Chunky Monkey

Luke has been such a stinker about stealing....and she SCREAMS when he takes something!

Looking for the puppy dog.

My cheese baller...

Trying to lean on his sister again. :)

Always trying to do what she does.

Not very lady like but I thought it was cute. lol

For You Mommy!

This is what little miss drama does when I say no to something....devastated!

Enjoying the Patio - Part 1

He loves his sister.

He loves her a lot...

More than she can sometimes handle...

Enough already.....get off me!
(the cat feels the same way Taylor)

Can I just lean on you a little?

For you!

She loves her talking to her dolls...amazing it starts this young.

Luke's very excited to watch his sister. lol


Just kidding.