Monday, September 29, 2008

My Men

Luke's got Daddy's lips!

Nick's trying to make a boxer outta my baby already.

A Day of Discovery

It was a good day today. It reminded me to post these pictures from a few days ago. The babies are just getting so cute. They are copying each other now. Luke is doing his own version of Taylor's squeal. He's also smiling at her a lot which is adorable. When Luke cries, Taylor screams along. Not crying just making noise like Luke. Taylor discovered humming and hummed all day.It made for hilarious facial expressions, especially when trying to smile and hum at the same time. Luke discovered his thumb this morning and sucked on it all day. He favors his left thumb so I don't know if that means he'll be left handed or not but it was cute never the less. Taylor is a rolling maniac now. She's getting better at rolling back onto her back after she's rolled onto her belly. It's cute to see her on her elbows kicking her legs. In these pictures she was rolling and reaching for me. Was cute. Today was a good day. 

Like Father like Son

I couldn't pass up this hat. Taylor and I got it at Old Navy when we went shopping. How cute is it? He looks like a little man in it. Nick always says that clothes for them are a waste of money...but this purchase put a big smile on his face. :)

Nick's visit with Liam

Nick visited his cousin's son Liam. Here's a picture from his phone. 
Liam has a blog too. Miracle in the Making.