Sunday, October 12, 2008

The After Dedication Pictures

Hold my hand.

They both thought the pattern on Taylor's dress was amazing. :)

He loves touching his sisters hair and pulling her dress.

He just wants to hold her hand.

And touch her dress.

As always somehow Taylor ends up on her belly.

Mommy's girl

Hannah & Luke. She's been a life saver, helping me out 
Sunday mornings to get the babies to church when Nick is teaching.

Luke & Taylor's Dedication

The practice of dedicating children affirms their place in the midst of the congregation. The service of dedication provides an opportunity for parents to commit themselves to the Lord in the care and training of their children. Members of the congregation join with the parents in pledging to pray for and to nurture the children. Biblical examples: 1 Samuel 1:11, 24-28; Mark 10:13-14.

Taylor never passes out like that. She crashed right before going up for the dedication. I was a little concerned that she might cry when being handed over but she never woke up. Luke did very well. He was calm and just took it all in.

Today was a special day and we had lots of loved ones around us.  Our friend Jeremy preached and it was an awesome word. Nick even sang in the praise choir. :) They sang one of our favorite songs, "Come to the Cross." Pastor Adin joked about Luke being a wrestler or a heathen boxer. lol Wonder where he got that information...hmmm. Our church has their sermons online now on their website. Jeremy's sermon should be up soon.

One more thing happened the evening after the dedication. LUKE ROLLED OVER!!! FINALLY! It took a lot of grunting but he did it. Miss T can now roll both ways and from back to belly and belly to back. She's pretty much out of control.

Come to the Cross by Michael W. Smith

Mourner, wherever you are
Wherever you are at the cross there is room
Tell your burdened heart
Your burdened heart at the cross there is room
Tell it in the Savior's ear
Cast away your every fear
Only speak and He will hear

Hallelujah, everyone
Everyone can come to the cross
It doesn't matter what you've done
Everyone can come to the cross

Sinner, come today
Come today, at the cross there is room
Blessed thought for everyone
For everyone can come to the cross
Now a living fountain, see
Open there for you and me
For rich and poor, for bond and free


Music Interlude

Tell it in the Savior's ear
Cast away your every fear
Only speak and He will hear

whooooaaahhhhhh.........(have to do that part) :)