Monday, August 22, 2011


Luke: Look at the picture I colored Taylor. Taylor: Oh WOW Luke, it's BEAUTIFUL! I love it! Luke: Taylor, it is NOT beautiful! It's sharp and it's cool, right mom?


Luke: Taylor stop coloring on my book. Taylor: But I HAVE to Luke, because I'm sharing with you. Luke: I'm trying to do something here. You don't color on my book. Taylor: Now Luke, It's God's book and he's letting us use it and that means you should share with me. Luke: Mom, do I have to share, cause she's messing up my book. Me: Taylor, ask Luke if you can color a page of his after he's done. Luke: Yea cause that wasn't right, Taylor. Taylor: I was just sharing Luke. {stinkers}


Luke: Mommy, do you know where God's kitty cat is? Me: God's kitty cat? Luke: Yeah, God's kitty. Can't find it.


Taylor: I DON'T WANT to be Goliath! Luke: But you have to Taylor, cause I'm David. Taylor: YOU be Goliath! Luke: Nooooo silly.


Luke: I don't wanna be a man mom, I just wanna be a boy like David.


Taylor: I wanna be a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN OF GOD, mommy! {as she's twirling and stretching her arms out wide}