Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Professional Pictures

Lord have mercy....this was an experience. :) The babies wouldn't smile for the photographer for nuthin'. They were not amused by the toys, babbles, feathers....nothing. lol I had to keep singing "doe a deer....a female dear...." and talking to Luke to make them smile. As you can see in the family picture...they were pretty stone cold. We did get some great shots in the end. I'm thinking next time about asking one of my photographer guys that we used for work, to let me use a white sweep and lighting and take them myself. We'll see. I could have him take the family shot and I know I could get the rights to the photos, (for pete's sake, as Nick would say). I was hugely disappointed by the fact that I asked this place if I could purchase the high resolution images twice, two different phone calls, I had verified it again before scheduling the appointment and I was told yes. When we got there it was a different story. I was told that they don't do that. I know I embarrassed Nick but MAN does that irritate me. Nick was all excited about ordering the prints and I was but I had serious buyers remorse because I didn't get what I was promised. I wanted to use the images to design and print my own cards. So.........this is why I had my own photo shoot the next day © copyrighted images by MOM. sigh........I do get fired up about this sort of thing. I guess I need to start printing my digital pictures so we will "have" them other than online. I'm so concentrated on taking them, that I never print them. I guess I'll have to try snapfish out. :) Maybe after Christmas.

© Mommy's Christmas Pictures

I have so much fun taking their picture. 
I don't  pose them, 
I just sit them side by side, watch the action unfold,
and keep them from poking each other's eyes out.

Luke sit up straight.

Wow, that's some belly you got there.

Do you have any teeth in there yet?

They love each other.

Yummy. lol

You grab me, I'll grab you.

Talk to the hand.

Do you have any teeth?

You're hair is so soft.

Luke, I'm scared, hold me.

He loves his sissy.

Thumbs up.

Pictures from Aunt Jody

These pictures were taken by Aunt Jody at the Bair Farm before it got cold.

Cousin Jayden

Aunt Jova and Taylor

Aunt Jody and Taylor

Aalayah (sp?) and Mariah

Taylor and Grandpa Bair

Grandma Risser, Jova, Grandpa, Taylor

Aww...they love each other. lol

Cousin Mariah

Jody with Aalayah and Halee