Wednesday, December 3, 2008

© Mommy's Christmas Pictures

I have so much fun taking their picture. 
I don't  pose them, 
I just sit them side by side, watch the action unfold,
and keep them from poking each other's eyes out.

Luke sit up straight.

Wow, that's some belly you got there.

Do you have any teeth in there yet?

They love each other.

Yummy. lol

You grab me, I'll grab you.

Talk to the hand.

Do you have any teeth?

You're hair is so soft.

Luke, I'm scared, hold me.

He loves his sissy.

Thumbs up.


Lea Liz said...

great pictures girl!!! I love those outfits, so christmasy!!

carolyn F said...

I love the ones where they're hugging each other, but they're all GORGEOUS!! Love you guys! Aunt Carolyn