Tuesday, January 4, 2011


{Luke and Taylor were playing with the doll house}
Taylor: Look Luke the baby poopied and peed in the potty. See Luke? {showing him}
Luke: Looking into the potty confused. Tay-yer...she did not! There's no poopie OR pee in there, silly goose. {mister literal}


Luke: Taylor will you read to me?
Taylor: Sure I will. Pick a book.
Luke: I want THIS book. (story of Christmas)
Taylor: OK. Mommy look, I'm reading to Luke.
Taylor:{reading} Gabriel the angel said to Mary, DO NOT BE AFRAID! You like Gabriel, don't ya Luke?
Luke: I DO, he's my favorite.
Taylor: And the angel said to Joseph, DO NOT BE AFRAID! And the angels said to the shephards, DO NOT BE AFRAID! Jesus is gonna be BORN!
Luke: And they sang GLORY TO GOD!
{They both sing Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God FOREVER...Take my life and let it be, ALL for you and for your glory, take my life and let it be yours...as WE SING, Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God FOREVER!!!}
Luke: What happened to that angels wings, Tay-yer? {one angel in the book doesn't have wings and it drives Luke nuts)
Taylor: hmm, I don't know Luke. His wings went buh byes.
Luke: Oh okay. Thanks.
Taylor: And Mary went on the donkey to BETHLEHEM! See the star of BETHLEHEM, Luke?
Luke: Yea, I do.
Taylor: And Jesus was born and Mary put him in the manger in the hay.
{They both start singing Away in the Manger}
Luke: Taylor read to me Mommy. She's nice. {He gives her a big hug and kiss, then tackles her}

{I had to type this all as it was happening because this is the second time they've done it.}


Taylor had her baby on her knees singing and doing, "this is the way the ladies ride" with her and she kept calling her baby Honey Bunny. (what I call her, such a good little Mommy) :)


This morning from their cribs I hear:
{Both Luke and Taylor were singing Away in a Manger...}
Luke: {starts singing really LOUD}
Taylor: Luke! Sing nice! Stop it. Sing nice right now!
Luke: {not listening}

Luke: How about.... Old McDonald.
Taylor: Oh ok.
{Both singing Old McDonald until they start arguing over which animal is next}

Taylor: Luke! Guess what? Baby Emerson is BORN!
Luke: Yup, you're right Tay-yer. He's born in his car seat.
Taylor: He's soooo cute.
Luke: Yup, he is.
Taylor: Mommy made Baby Emerson soup.
Luke: Yeah, she did.

Luke: I like tractors.
Taylor: No you don't Luke.
Luke: Yes I do!
Taylor: Nooooo, you're a silly goose Luke.
Luke: You're a stinker pot.
Taylor: Nooooo, you're a stinker pot.

Luke: How about....Glory to God?
{both sing Glory to God}