Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This morning from their cribs I hear:
{Both Luke and Taylor were singing Away in a Manger...}
Luke: {starts singing really LOUD}
Taylor: Luke! Sing nice! Stop it. Sing nice right now!
Luke: {not listening}

Luke: How about.... Old McDonald.
Taylor: Oh ok.
{Both singing Old McDonald until they start arguing over which animal is next}

Taylor: Luke! Guess what? Baby Emerson is BORN!
Luke: Yup, you're right Tay-yer. He's born in his car seat.
Taylor: He's soooo cute.
Luke: Yup, he is.
Taylor: Mommy made Baby Emerson soup.
Luke: Yeah, she did.

Luke: I like tractors.
Taylor: No you don't Luke.
Luke: Yes I do!
Taylor: Nooooo, you're a silly goose Luke.
Luke: You're a stinker pot.
Taylor: Nooooo, you're a stinker pot.

Luke: How about....Glory to God?
{both sing Glory to God}

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