Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The days are over of sitting with them and RELAXING at the park. :) I waited to feed them their snack until we got there so I could get some time on the blanket with them. They wanna go...Luke wants to RUN. Maybe I should bring Ali to help me herd them. lol We had fun...when they started getting crazy...I put them back in the stroller and they SCREAMED...then we went to the swings and when I got them out, they SCREAMED......and cried and screamed until we left. They DID NOT wanna leave.

They crack me up...VERY into their cell phones.

Taylor swinging her arms around.

For YOU Mama

Talking to her phone

Being nosey

She still loves the wind in her hair. :)

She wants to know what everything is.

Smelling flowers

Excuse me...can I run now?'re not supposed to do that.