Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I haven't been this sick in years. I missed my Aunt's viewing and funeral and just can't feel better. This time all 4 of us had it. Nick, didn't throw up (Mister I've never thrown up in my whole life, seriously, how is that possible?)but he was really achy and sick in his stomach. Luke and I seem to have had the worst of the throwing up and he's still having diarrhea and doesn't have his normal appetite back yet. I still feel horrible although I'm not throwing up anymore... can't seem to eat anything but ice pops, saltines and ginger ale and I'm sore and exhausted. Please pray for healing for us and for us to keep clear of another strand of this mess. Seems like we'd just gotten over it to get it again. If I had the energy I'd wash everything. Maybe later.

On a funnier note...Taylor has learned to "fake gag" which seriously sounds like throwing up. Funny but not really being that there's been a lot of it around here so every time she gets me. She saw that it got Luke a lot of attention when he threw up. She tried this at dinner last night and Nick and I looked at her quick and the stinker grinned. She's been doing it all day today.

She was also cute when Nick and I were very sick. Nick was on one couch and I was on the other. She kept walking back and forth giving us hugs. Luke had fallen asleep on me (above) and Taylor came up and said, SHHH, BABY SLEEPING...and started rubbing his back like I was. She might be a little mercy girl. I stinker though. It's been tough to care for two kids who seem to feel a lot better than you do. They are tough cookies. I'm ready for spring already and healthier days. I'm going to try and rest while they are napping and hope food starts agreeing with me soon.