Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poop or Play Dough?

Repeat of yesterday only I caught her with just 2 handfuls. sigh.

I waited an extra hour for her to go...but no...then I hear Luke saying POOPY, POOPY! I go in right away and she's got two handfuls...luckily only the sheets, clothes, crib, bunny and pillow....not everything....still Clorox the crib, laundry, bath and a screaming mad Luke because he didn't get a bath. Didn't want floating poop on him yet.

I seriously think she enjoys doing this for Luke's viewing pleasure. She has ALWAYS loved making him laugh and getting a reaction from him.

Does this guarantee that she'll be an angel as a teenager? ;)


{while eating lunch, Luke was done, Taylor was not}
Luke: Sisssssssssaaaaaaaayyyy, What are you doing?
Taylor: I'm chewing, see? {opening her mouth}
Luke: Ewwww, Sisssssssssaaaaaaaaaay.
{giggle, giggle}

They enjoy tickling each other while singing, saying, "tickle, tickle"

Taylor devours hot dogs and loves raisins which she calls flies, pronounced by her "FWI's.
Luke loves meatloaf, spaghetti and sunflower seeds.

Jumping on their beds and singing all the songs they know, including Ring Around the Rosie and enjoy the ALL FALL DOWN part and they FALL DOWN.

They are also singing TRACTOR, TRACTOR a lot again and they know a lot of the verses.


Me: Is your name Taylor?
Taylor: NO! It's SISSY LEE BAIR!