Monday, September 13, 2010


{Nick was playing with the kids while I was cleaning up from dinner and I hear this}
Taylor: Ewww....Stinky! Daddy's Heiney is stinky! {repeated several times as Nick and I are dying, apparently Nick passed gas}
Taylor: {bending over and patting Nick's butt to see if he pooped}
Taylor: WOOOO WEEEEEE stinky! {disgusted look on her face}

Crazy how much these kids are learning and picking up. They are identifying letters really well and they match them up with pictures of the objects that start with the letters. They are learning more songs too.

This is a new one they sing.

They get so excited to hear it on the radio. :) So cute.

Luke is ridiculously accurate with throwing the football and kicking the soccer ball. It's nuts. I've gotta get it on video before he's any older. He loves anything with a ball.