Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Pictures

Lots of pictures end with Taylor taking off. :) She doesn't sit for long anymore.

Luke was making a loud SLUUURP noise so Taylor was watching him in awe.

So she tries...

Your sippy must be better than mine. Mine doesn't slurp.

This stinks.

Luke's getting much better st standing and he loves it.

Notice Taylor trying to pull his hands off.

Luke sits and examines while Taylor walks around banging and trying to taste everything.

The sunlight and flash were too bright in these...but I thought they were funny. Plus this interaction happens almost every day.

She loves her brother and can't keep her hands off him.

She likes to tackle him too.

He never seems too bothered by it.

He'll fight back one day.

Good Morning!

Is it morning?

Noodles...still hating any texture. I'm gonna try it in applesauce sometime. They chew them up...they just have no interest in eating them.

Taylor likes to play with noodles...they are getting better at picking small things up.

Bouncer and the Swing

I rarely use the bouncer and the swing that are in the bathroom. Mainly because Taylor tries to crawl out of it...and ends up screaming and Luke is too heavy for the swing to even move anymore. But lately they haven't been cat napping after their morning bottle and they want me to get them. These pictures were a few days ago and Taylor made me get out of the shower 3 times to help her back up...So this morning I tried something a little new...I put the bouncer up beside the swing so Taylor could see Luke plainly and wouldn't try to get to him. While I was in the shower I hear Taylor screaming. I look out and Luke took Taylor's pacifier out of her mouth (one of his favorite things to do) and Taylor took Luke's cow blanket and was throwing it around. Luke could care less because he loves playing with her pacifier. She was not happy. It was cute though...Luke had the biggest grin on his face.

He loves to spit and he showers everything with his DNA. :)

Slobbery boy.