Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Pictures

Lots of pictures end with Taylor taking off. :) She doesn't sit for long anymore.

Luke was making a loud SLUUURP noise so Taylor was watching him in awe.

So she tries...

Your sippy must be better than mine. Mine doesn't slurp.

This stinks.

Luke's getting much better st standing and he loves it.

Notice Taylor trying to pull his hands off.

Luke sits and examines while Taylor walks around banging and trying to taste everything.

The sunlight and flash were too bright in these...but I thought they were funny. Plus this interaction happens almost every day.

She loves her brother and can't keep her hands off him.

She likes to tackle him too.

He never seems too bothered by it.

He'll fight back one day.

Good Morning!

Is it morning?

Noodles...still hating any texture. I'm gonna try it in applesauce sometime. They chew them up...they just have no interest in eating them.

Taylor likes to play with noodles...they are getting better at picking small things up.


Abbi said...

i always get a kick out of your pictures! they're ALWAYS so cute!! i love there cheeks! they remind me soooo much of my little girl! they're both beautiful babies!
i love when she's taking him down! that's a girl who will be able to take care of herself!!!

Joan said...

What fun pictures ( as always ) My Luke has the same little Dino bib =)

I know you have been told this before, but you need to get those babies in some Baby Gap ads! So flippin cute!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! We can see who is in charge of those two! ;-)

Rachael said...

i love seeing pictures of the little ones, they always put a great big smile on my face!

Vanessa said...

I just found yuor blog and wanted to tell you your children are GORGEOUS!!

..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

They are adorable!!

KAL071203 said...

Thanks Robin, Meg does a great job, you should check her out she is way afordable and takes however long it takes to get great shots of wiggly kids:)...I think we live closeish..w/o leaving where I live on the internet... I live 5 min from Amy Risser. How is Taylor's reflux doing for you? We have taken ry off all meds, and as long as anything pureed/liquified is mixed with rice cereal he can keep it down...hopefully he will soon grow out of it and be able to drink liquids like a normal person and not glue like consitancies!