Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Taylor: {talking on her phone} Oh hi, how are you doing. I'm doing fine Joseph. Me: Who are you talking to? Taylor: Joseph the carpenter. I'm gonna marry him. Me: Oh you are? Taylor: Yup, I'm Mary. I'm gonna marry Joseph. {walking away}...Oh that's nice Joseph. Sure. Okay, I gotta go, we'll talk later, someone else is calling me. Oh hi Elizabeth! How are you doing? How's Zechariah doing? He fell down? Oh my word! Is he okay? Oh that's good. How's John in your belly? He did what? He just flipped out of your belly? That's crazy! Congratulations. Oh Mama, Zechariah wants to talk to you. Me: Are you sure he can talk? He's not answering me. Taylor: Give me the phone. Zechariah! Congratulations! Yeah...MOM HE CAN TALK. John the Baptist was already born, Here! Talk to him! Me: {talking to him} Taylor: I need to talk to Elizabeth. Hey Elizabeth. Yeah...I'm gonna marry Joseph. Yup got flowers and a dress. Yup Jesus is in my belly. Can you believe it, THE ANGEL GABRIEL APPEARED TO ME!!! I'm so excited. Me: Hey Taylor, did you ask Daddy if you can marry Joseph. Taylor: Oh he said yes. Me: Let me call him. Did you tell Mary she can marry Joseph. Oh you didn't? Taylor: Give me the phone. Can I marry Joseph Daddy? I can! Good! MOM...YES I CAN! Actually the angel told me to. :)