Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hugs-they love each other. :)

Luke and Taylor have been hugging each other. Luke most often hugs Taylor but she's started hugging him now too. Luke tends to hug her too long and she gets mad and pushes him off. It's cute though. Look at the size difference of the feet in these pics! :)

Randoms and Labor Day

Luke and Taylor enjoying their pillows

Running around like maniacs.

Playing with her little people/animals

Still loving books

Nosey as ever

Doesn't he look like a little man in this pic?

Pillow sibling fun

Fighting over the frozen teether....there was another one...but this one was obviously "better"

Sharing....(a rare occurrence)

What my devotion time looks like.

Luke watching grandpa installing a new dishwasher.

Luke LOVES his sister.....although he points to her and says BROTHER now....since she points to him and says BROTHER..he does what she does. :)

Poking sissy.

Always has his hands on her when they are close...she get annoyed and needs her personal space. lol

Can you say stinker?

Here's the dirty look I've been getting when he's not so happy with something.

Miss Taylor is not a morning person like her mamma.
Luke however is like his daddy and is all chipper and wide awake in the am.

That's better.

They LOVE grapes.

Labor Day the Bair Farm experiencing the ole slip n slide.

This is Logan, Nick's cousin Jill's son talking to Elena.

Jill and Logan

I have video of them trying out the small slip n slide.....we'll see if I get to downloading it anytime soon.

Jill and Logan....isn't he a cutie?

Our Labor Day family dinner.

Spotted airplanes and stuff.