Friday, December 12, 2008

My Big Boy

Nick was changing Luke into his PJ's and he lifted him up and I had to take a picture. He looks HUGE. lol Luke's new thing is making fart noises and squealing as high pitched as he can. He's competing well with Taylor. He gets so excited...his eyes get huge and he gets on his tip toes and squeals. We've been trying to catch it on's too funny. I don't know why I think it's adorable when they have food all over their face....but it is. :)

Sitting Up

The babies have been doing really well sitting up. Our PCR lady was here the other day and she told us Taylor needs to learn to put her hands this point she has no fear of falling. She said she may need to bop her head a few times. lol She's good at bopping her head when she's rolling so this should be fun. It was kinda funny when she was here. Taylor hit Luke in the head and Luke WAY overreacted and started crying loud. He's very sensitive....he certainly loves watching his sister.....and she keeps her eye on him as well. It's funny...I notice it more when someone is here...they have to keep tabs on where the other is. Cute.


Our Maniac Mermaid. :)

Taylor LOVES splashing in the much so that she wouldn't look at me for a picture...she was way to into watching her feet splash. One would think as hard as she hit her feet against things that should would hurt herself but not so far......she loves making an impact. lol