Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Luke has an obsession with pickles, lemons and tomatoes.
Taylor this morning flipped out because I didn't let her pick out MY shoes. {wow}

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So mister and miss territorial have been switching. Taylor asked if she could sit in Luke's high chair and normally the thought of accidentally switching anything (bibs, silverware, cups, plates, etc) sends them into screaming my shock she asked, he agreed and they actually have been asking to sit in each others high chairs ever since. Weird.

They've been asking if they can cuddle each other and pray in the same crib lately so I put Taylor in with Luke until we're done praying and them back in her crib she goes. Tonight, she said she wanted to sleep in Luke's crib. He said he didn't wanna cuddle, he wanted to sleep in her crib. So I thought, what the heck, switched their stuff. Luke gets ALL cozy in Taylor's crib with a big grin. Taylor is enjoying Luke's music box so I say good night and wonder how long until Miss Taylor starts to scream. I'd say 2 mins tops. I want MY CRIB. GET HIM OUT! lol I doubt the crib switch will ever really happen. Who knows though.
Taylor: Mommy, I love you missy missy. (I tell her I love her sissy missy)

Friday, January 14, 2011


Luke and Taylor were playing with the dollhouse and I was listening. The mommy was making pancakes, everyone was taking baths, drying their hair, and watching ballerinas on TV. Then the mommy kept sending the daddy {luke} to the store for cups, cucumbers, tomatoes, and milk. The daddy then had to fix the house and then they all had a sleepover on the floor. lol


Potty time.

Taylor: Look Mommy, baby poopies. Aren't they cute. Look at them Luke!
Luke: Aww they are little baby poopies. {someone was a little too excited to be constipated.}


Taylor: {walking in on me in the bathroom} What are you doing money?
Me: peeing.
Taylor: Oh, are you gonna get a piece of candy?

{I started giving Smarties for when they initiate having to go.}

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Luke: Jonah didn't listen to God, Mommy. That's not good.
Me: No it's not.
Luke: He's in big trouble.


Taylor: It's okay Savannah {patting her doll's back}
Luke: Lasagna fell down.
Taylor: LUKE it's SA-VAN-AH!
Luke: Lasagna?
Taylor: SA-VAN-AH!
Luke: {realizing he's getting a rise out of her} LA-ZON-YA!
Taylor: {crying} MOMMY! Luke's not saying it right.


Taylor: Good Morning Mommy! I love you honey bunny. :)


Luke: Tay-yer play football with me.
Taylor: Oh okay.
Luke: Wow, Tay-yer, that was a good throw. You're good at football.
Taylor: {giggling} HA....I KNOW!
Luke: Mommy, did you see Tay-yer throw the football? She's a good football player.


Taylor: MOMMY! Luke colored on my picture! Take it off LUKE! MOMMY! Luke messed up my picture!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


{out of complete no where he does this, and often}
Luke: Mommy, you're married!
another spin...
Luke: Mommy, you got married for Daddy! :)


Taylor: Luke sit beside me!
Luke: I can't right now. I gotta do something. I'm going...bye Taylor!
{runs into the dining room and back out right away}
Luke: I'm home, Taylor did you miss me?
Taylor: Luke, you're a silly goose. Come sit beside me.
Luke: Okay.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


{As I was folding laundry, Taylor pulls out a pair of my under wear}
Taylor: OHHHHHHHH Mommy, look at these, they are sooooooo CUTE!
{she proceeds to try them on and walk around in them with a huge grin and showing Luke}


{Luke looking at a magazine where there was an ad with a women that had a breast feeding contraption on}
Luke: Mommy, she's naked!
Me: {for a second panicked. lol} No, she has a top on.
Luke: No, she's naked. Mommy, WHAT IS THAT, WHAT IS SHE DOING?
Me: I don't know. What do you think?
Luke: I don't know, she's a silly goose.
Me: Yup {sigh}


Taylor: OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS, Look Mommy, a stink bug in the sky! (on the ceiling)
Taylor: I know Luke, that's DISGUSTING! That stink bug is STINKY! Mommy, are you scared?
Me: Only if it flies at me.
Taylor: Oh okay, that's good.
Luke: Mommy, where is the stink bug going?
Taylor: Hmm, I don't know Luke.
Luke: He's going to get his toys.
Taylor: Oh okay.
Me: What kinda toys does a stink bug play with?
Luke: Fire trucks and spiders?
Me: Really?
Luke: Yup.


{before nap}
Taylor: Can I cuddle with Luke in his crib for just a little bit?
{So after "rock a baby" on the glider, I put them in Luke's crib together}
Luke: Look Mommy, we're cuddling.
Me: Aww
Taylor: Give me a kiss Luke.
{Luke gives her a kiss and a hug and says, SQUEEZE!}
Me: Okay, time to get in your crib Taylor.
Taylor: Can we cuddle a little bit more?


I tell Taylor I'm going out to eat with Tasia and Sara and she says, OHHH...."Will Abraham and Issac be there?" :)


Taylor: I'm coloring a picture for you Luke! {coloring a car}
Luke: OHHHH that's nice Tay-yer.
Taylor: Awww MAN! I dropped a marker Luke. LUKE! PICK IT UP!
Luke: {stops playing to go pick up her marker}
Taylor: Thank you Luke, that was nice.
Luke: Your welcome.
Taylor: {purposefully dropping another marker} LUKE! I dropped a marker again. Pick it up for me!
Luke: {stops playing to go pick up her marker}
Taylor: Thank you Luke, that was nice. Mommy, Luke's being nice to me!
Luke: Your welcome Tay-yer.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Taylor has figured out that it drives Luke crazy if she refuses to kiss or hug him. He gets very upset. :(

{Kids watching David and Goliath}
Luke: NO DAVID! Not nice. You don't hit. I'm gonna spank your heiney.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Luke: Look Mommy, there's the kitty cat!
Me: Oh, what's she doing?
Luke: Being a kitty cat. {as he looks at me like I'm crazy}

{Luke looks at the front of their children's christian music CD with Jesus and children on it}
Luke: Mommy, Jesus and the kids are singing!
Me: Yeah they are.
Luke: But where's Jesus' guitar?
Taylor: His guitar is at his house Luke.
Luke: Oh, well he needs to go get it.
Taylor: Yea he does.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


{Luke and Taylor were playing with the doll house}
Taylor: Look Luke the baby poopied and peed in the potty. See Luke? {showing him}
Luke: Looking into the potty confused. Tay-yer...she did not! There's no poopie OR pee in there, silly goose. {mister literal}


Luke: Taylor will you read to me?
Taylor: Sure I will. Pick a book.
Luke: I want THIS book. (story of Christmas)
Taylor: OK. Mommy look, I'm reading to Luke.
Taylor:{reading} Gabriel the angel said to Mary, DO NOT BE AFRAID! You like Gabriel, don't ya Luke?
Luke: I DO, he's my favorite.
Taylor: And the angel said to Joseph, DO NOT BE AFRAID! And the angels said to the shephards, DO NOT BE AFRAID! Jesus is gonna be BORN!
Luke: And they sang GLORY TO GOD!
{They both sing Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God FOREVER...Take my life and let it be, ALL for you and for your glory, take my life and let it be WE SING, Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God FOREVER!!!}
Luke: What happened to that angels wings, Tay-yer? {one angel in the book doesn't have wings and it drives Luke nuts)
Taylor: hmm, I don't know Luke. His wings went buh byes.
Luke: Oh okay. Thanks.
Taylor: And Mary went on the donkey to BETHLEHEM! See the star of BETHLEHEM, Luke?
Luke: Yea, I do.
Taylor: And Jesus was born and Mary put him in the manger in the hay.
{They both start singing Away in the Manger}
Luke: Taylor read to me Mommy. She's nice. {He gives her a big hug and kiss, then tackles her}

{I had to type this all as it was happening because this is the second time they've done it.}


Taylor had her baby on her knees singing and doing, "this is the way the ladies ride" with her and she kept calling her baby Honey Bunny. (what I call her, such a good little Mommy) :)


This morning from their cribs I hear:
{Both Luke and Taylor were singing Away in a Manger...}
Luke: {starts singing really LOUD}
Taylor: Luke! Sing nice! Stop it. Sing nice right now!
Luke: {not listening}

Luke: How about.... Old McDonald.
Taylor: Oh ok.
{Both singing Old McDonald until they start arguing over which animal is next}

Taylor: Luke! Guess what? Baby Emerson is BORN!
Luke: Yup, you're right Tay-yer. He's born in his car seat.
Taylor: He's soooo cute.
Luke: Yup, he is.
Taylor: Mommy made Baby Emerson soup.
Luke: Yeah, she did.

Luke: I like tractors.
Taylor: No you don't Luke.
Luke: Yes I do!
Taylor: Nooooo, you're a silly goose Luke.
Luke: You're a stinker pot.
Taylor: Nooooo, you're a stinker pot.

Luke: How about....Glory to God?
{both sing Glory to God}

Monday, January 3, 2011


Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you forgot my bear vitamins.
Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you forgot my juice.
Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you forgot my sticker.
{Interesting that SHE'S sorry when I forget something. lol}
{Taylor comes running out of the bathroom after being on the potty}
Taylor: Mommy I went poopie but it went buh byes!
Me: really?
Taylor: Come see, it's not in the potty anymore, it must of flushed itself. Can I play with my dollhouse now?
Taylor: Mommy I wanna go poopie at Issacs.
Me: We can't go to Issacs just to go poopie.
Taylor: Can we eat at Issacs and go poopie?
{this is not the first time she's asked to go to Issacs to poopie}
Yup and I do. Cracks me up, Luke says yup and I do all the time.
Do you like baskbetball? Luke: yup, I do.