Friday, January 14, 2011


Luke and Taylor were playing with the dollhouse and I was listening. The mommy was making pancakes, everyone was taking baths, drying their hair, and watching ballerinas on TV. Then the mommy kept sending the daddy {luke} to the store for cups, cucumbers, tomatoes, and milk. The daddy then had to fix the house and then they all had a sleepover on the floor. lol


Potty time.

Taylor: Look Mommy, baby poopies. Aren't they cute. Look at them Luke!
Luke: Aww they are little baby poopies. {someone was a little too excited to be constipated.}


Taylor: {walking in on me in the bathroom} What are you doing money?
Me: peeing.
Taylor: Oh, are you gonna get a piece of candy?

{I started giving Smarties for when they initiate having to go.}

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