Wednesday, August 31, 2011


‎{our cat, Linx, jumped on the couch which she isn't supposed to do}
Luke: LINX! That is GOD'S couch! It's not your couch and you're not being very nice to it.
Taylor: What the world Linx! Are you kidding me?


‎{after Luke and Taylor climbed onto our bed this morning to wait for me to get ready} {looking right into Luke's eyes} Taylor: Look Luke, No pushing, no fighting, that's the deal, got it? Luke: Yes, Taylor.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Luke: Look at the picture I colored Taylor. Taylor: Oh WOW Luke, it's BEAUTIFUL! I love it! Luke: Taylor, it is NOT beautiful! It's sharp and it's cool, right mom?


Luke: Taylor stop coloring on my book. Taylor: But I HAVE to Luke, because I'm sharing with you. Luke: I'm trying to do something here. You don't color on my book. Taylor: Now Luke, It's God's book and he's letting us use it and that means you should share with me. Luke: Mom, do I have to share, cause she's messing up my book. Me: Taylor, ask Luke if you can color a page of his after he's done. Luke: Yea cause that wasn't right, Taylor. Taylor: I was just sharing Luke. {stinkers}


Luke: Mommy, do you know where God's kitty cat is? Me: God's kitty cat? Luke: Yeah, God's kitty. Can't find it.


Taylor: I DON'T WANT to be Goliath! Luke: But you have to Taylor, cause I'm David. Taylor: YOU be Goliath! Luke: Nooooo silly.


Luke: I don't wanna be a man mom, I just wanna be a boy like David.


Taylor: I wanna be a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN OF GOD, mommy! {as she's twirling and stretching her arms out wide}

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Taylor: I'm going shopping for food that matches my dress... have a good night ma ma, see ya later, love youuuuuuuuu! lol


Taylor: Hey Luke, wanna go along to the store with me and Shadrach Meshach, and Abednego? {she's cracking me up today}


Luke: When I get to be a bigger man, I'm gonna eat grasshoppers and honey like John the Baptist.


‎{I hear Taylor in the back of the car talking very quietly} Taylor: I'm sorry I ripped the book. Me: What did you say Taylor? Taylor: I'm talking to GOD Mom! Me: Oh, what are you talking to him about? Taylor: I'm telling him I'm sorry for ripping the book. I didn't try it but my shoe ripped it. {she tore part of a map that's in the back of the driver seat}

Saturday, August 6, 2011


{Luke and Taylor deciding on a DVD to watch}
Luke: I wanna watch Jonah.
Taylor: But I don't like Jonah.
Luke: Why not?
Taylor: The big fish is scary.
Luke: That's how God made him. {shrugs shoulders}

Taylor: I love my brother. My brother's my honey.


{We read a devotion about Samson and were talking about how God gave him a gift of being strong to do what God wanted him to...}
Me: What gifts do you think God gave you guys to use for him?
Luke: umm, nothing.
Taylor: umm bunnies and kitties and puppies and ballerinas. {lol}
Me: Well I think God gave Luke the gift of being sensitive.
Luke: {starts instantly crying} BUT I DON'T WANT SENSITIVE!


{in the car}
Luke: {grinning from ear to ear}
Taylor: LUKE! Did you hear me? I said....I LOVE MY BROTHER!
Luke: {grinning from ear to ear}

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


‎{Listening to conversation while I was making lunch}

Luke: This is MINE Taylor.

Taylor: Actually Luke, It's God's. And what do you think God would want you to do with it? God would want you to share it Luke.

Luke: Yeah I know it's actually God's, God's nice and letting me play with it right now.

Our memory verse today: ALL things were created BY God and FOR God. Colossians 1:16

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Taylor: Ma ma, you're a SILLY GOOSE!
Luke: No she's not Taylor. Mommy, you're AMAZING! :)