Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wild One

I put some baby oil in Taylor's hair for her dry scalp before I washed it and apparently it didn't all wash out. This was the result: Crazier than normal hair. It stuck where ever. lol It sorta fits her though. :)

Random Picture Challenge

Me, 28 weeks pregnant with Luke and Taylor.

March 2008, 5th picture from the end
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He's so Buff

I can't wait until it gets warmer out. The babies LOVE to be in just a diaper. They can crawl better and well they are just so darn cute. I miss having their soft chubby skin revealed and so do they. I'd taken some shots of Taylor in a diaper a while here's Bubbas.

Bubba is my new additional nickname for Luke. It just fits. lol We also call Taylor Sissy, Sissy Lee or Siss-a-Lee. (sicily lol)