Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Linxx the Cat

This is Linxx, my cat. I'm posting this picture of her because the cutest thing happened today. Now first some background. Linxx is not exactly the most social cat. Snob describes her well. Everything is on HER terms and since I got a dog, like 7 years ago or so, she's been bitter. She tries to covet the water bowl by dragging it across the floor and doesn't really show up much unless it's a rare occasion or she needs food or water. This morning I had Luke sitting on the floor in our bedroom while I fed Taylor. Linxx thinks our bedroom is her room so she's mostly there..more specifically in my closet, usually sunbathing. She came out of hiding and started circling Luke. Meowing at him. Luke was giggling, reaching out for her and LOVING it. It was so darn cute. Now this cat really doesn't like to be touched unless it's on her terms. She was rubbing up against his hands and he was pulling her ears and hair and she was patient and curious. She was sniffing his nose and Luke was giggling. She was walking circles around him and he couldn't see her when she was behind his back and as soon as she came around he'd giggle like they were playing peek-a-boo. Wish I had that on video. Taylor wouldn't eat because she was too nosey watching the interaction and trying to grab at Linxx as she walked past. lol They are so curious. It's cute.

PS. Linxx is on the toilet here because she was stalking me while I got ready in the morning because her food bowl was almost empty. A travesty. lol

Random Pictures

Look at the smirk on her face...she loves her brother.

This boy can be screaming and as soon as he sees me...he smiles..unless I walk away...then it's LOUDER screaming. The stinker. He's starting to squeel and holler when Taylor takes a toy from him...he'll bury his head and create a scene. Mr. Laid back is not so much. lol

One word. Beefy.

Little precious.

She loves her dolls, she picks them up, rocks back and forth and buries her head against them.

She is LOUD when she's not happy.

Loves cuddling her bunny blanket.

Wild woman...notice the packing tape on the video monitor...she can't get it off anymore but now she rotates the camera angle and if she gets caught she screams and cries before I say a word.

Furniture surfing. She goes the whole way around the couch now even the back side.

Cracks me up when she's sitting up and falls forward to sleep.