Thursday, April 30, 2009

Suggestions Anyone?

We've had an awesome offer from some friends to be able to go to the beach and stay at their condo for free! I'm sooooo excited. Nick's gonna help them out with putting in some windows and I'm like more excited then I've been in a long time. I'm soooo ready to take a vacation and I didn't think it was gonna happen for awhile since Nick lost his job and we've gotta be careful with our money. Last time it was warm I had newborns and we obviously were busy. I LOVE warm weather and I'm getting very excited about it since I wasn't out last year.

Okay....for the help I need.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for sun tents for the beach? I'd like one that's big enough for both babies. Something I can use at home outside too.

What's the best sunscreen to use on babies? I have some but I was wondering about the spray kind? Any suggestions?

I'd appreicate any help from the mom's out there.