Monday, September 26, 2011


{Bathtime, kids have been leaning back into the water and getting their hair wet}
Luke: Look Mom, Taylor's baptizing herself!
Taylor: Can we baptize each other?
Me: What do you have to do in order to get baptized?
Luke & Taylor: Believe in Jesus!
Luke: Can I get baptized Mom?
Me: You have to believe in Jesus and want to follow and obey him.
Luke: but I DO MOM!!!!!!
Taylor: ME TOO!!!!!
Luke: Can we baptize each other now?

Snippets catch up

‎{Taylor woke up from nap before Luke and Luke was still out}
Taylor: Luke's REALLY tired, isnt he. WHAT THE WORLD mom, why's he so tired. Me: I dunno. Taylor: MOM shhhhhh....he's tired let him sleep! {starts stomping on the floor, Luke wakes up, screaming} Taylor: Wow...Luke, you're grouchy, you should go back to bed.‎

{This morning I overheard this while I was getting ready}
Luke: Do you want to borrow my Leapster, Taylor? It's really God's and it makes him happy if I share it with you.
Taylor: Sure Luke! I'm soooo proud of you Luke.
Luke: That was really nice of me wasn't it?
Taylor: You're a nice brother.

This morning Luke and Taylor were feeding each other grapes, walking around holding hands and now Luke just asked Taylor if she wants to dance with him. Somedays, they are pretty much adorable. :)

Luke and Taylor were singing 10,000 reasons by Matt Redman this morning. I guess I've been singing it a lot to myself and not realizing it. "Bless the Lord, O my Soul....O my Soul...."

Taylor: {to Luke} My foot hurts Luke, look at my boo boo. Luke: wow, you should pray to Jesus for healing. Taylor: Yeah...Luke can you pray for me? Luke : Umm, not right now. Taylor: Well that isn't very nice of you. You should pray for me now. Luke: Um...not right now. You pray for it. Ask Jesus to heal it. Taylor: Sigh, Mommy...can you pray for my foot?

Taylor: {as we're leaving church} Mom, I can't BELIEVE how many friends I have. Can you believe it? I have sooo many. {lol}

Luke sat and hugged me for an hour while I did my devotions. He said, "You're my girl Mommy, I love you." and kept kissing my cheek and cuddling up against me.... I love that boys tender heart. :)

{during a storm}
Luke is holding his ears and saying "Jesus Calm the Storm, Jesus Calm the Storm." :)

Luke is watching Danny Tanner playing Blessed Be Your Name on our wedding video over and over, pretending he's Danny Tanner and he just told me he needs a strap for his guitar and a cord to hook up to it. lol

Thursday, September 1, 2011


This morning Taylor was asking Luke how to do certain things on her leapster. (things she knew how to do) and watching Luke teach her, and her thank him was about adorable. :)


‎{After Taylor got in trouble for hitting Luke} Taylor: I was wrong for hitting you, Luke. {Luke touched her cheek and said..} Luke: I forgive you Taylor. {and he gave her a big hug} (Luke LOVES when things get made right, soooo cute)


Luke: I want a little guitar with little strings. Not a big guitar with big strings like Danny Tanner and Philip Herndon. When I get to be a bigger man, then I'll get a big guitar.