Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

This is my first Not Me Monday...thought I'd give it a try. Click on the graphic below to see what it's about.

I most certainly did not eat Taco Bell AND McD's yesterday.
And I definitely did not eat Taco Bell leftovers today for lunch. That would be just be gross. lol

I did not find Luke with an entire arm out of his sleeper the other morning. (I guess he was having a toga party and didn't invite anyone) lol He wasn't tickled with himself either and hasn't been pulling that arm out ever since.

I most certainly did not go into the nursery 3 times last night when Taylor dropped her pacifier out of the crib. Nope. not me, I always let her cry it out and soothe herself back to sleep. I never just want to quiet her so I can sleep.

Luke and Taylor certainly did not act up in church yesterday. Luke was not making high pitched "AHH" noises and fart noises and Taylor did not make grunting noises in which everyone thought she was pooping when she just likes to make the sound. She wasn't fighting sleep and wiggling all over the place. All four of us would never have to watch Jeremy's sermon on the TV in the downstairs room of the church. Nah not us.

I didn't spill an entire container of blueberries as I was emptying my grocery cart at check out, have to run to the back of the store to get another while three employees clean up. Those stinking blueberries did not spill in the bag on the way home and weren't packaged with my canned goods. That wasn't a mess.

I didn't forget to use the Target gift card that I took to the store specifically to use.

I don't have a bunch of jarred peaches because the smell of them makes me gag. What I feed the babies has nothing to do with what I like the smell of. lol

My thighs are definitely not sore from cleaning out our filing cabinet. lol

We do not have a huge desk on our front porch until Nick has someone help him move it. That would be an eye sore and we might be red necks if we have furniture other than patio furniture on our porch. (least it's not a toilet) lol