Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Fun Times

The babies are getting to be so much fun. Taylor loves to squeal as loud as she can and I get lots of smiles from Luke. Luke looks like he's chewing gum making all kinds of faces. He's my little (big) goober. It's so cute in the morning...as soon as they see me they are all smiles. What a fun age. I read to them and they love it now. Taylor rarely pays attention and usually likes to "talk" when I'm talking to see if she can be louder. Luke mumbles sometimes but pays close attention, staring at me and even looking at the pictures.

They are getting so big. Whenever Nick is holding them I notice how much bigger and older they are getting. Luke looks like a little man and even Taylor is looking like a little girl.

Taylor goes to the docs Wednesday. She's still having issues eating. It's frustrating. She's hungry but she screams and cries and kicks when you try and get the bottle in her mouth. Sometimes even seeing the bottle starts the crying...other times, she'll take two or three ounces, need a break and then she'll finish the other ounce. I'm hoping the doc can help. I stopped her medicine and she's no better or worse.

I miss the olympics...I enjoyed watching it when I fed the babies...now it's back to crap TV....although I love Jon&Kate+8...I think I've seen all the old ones.