Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Don't Cry Luke

Luke what's the matter?

Mommy, why won't he stop crying?

I'm hungry and I don't wanna talk about it.

It's okay big brother.

Almost every morning Luke wakes up crying. He wants held and fed and he's not kidding around. Taylor plays in her crib and is usually very content doing so. Things have switched in that regard...she used to be the one crying in the morning wanting fed first. It's nice that she gives me time to feed Luke without having to listen to screaming. I appreciate that. :) It wasn't always that way. It used to be two babies screaming...and no matter how much you try to block it's a little stressful to listen to while you're feeding one. Kinda ruins the moment. I have time to feed Luke...and even play a few rounds of patty cake before I feed Taylor. :)

Usually I pick up the screaming Luke and put him in Taylor's crib to change them. Usually as soon as he sees his sister...the crying stops and he smiles at her. This morning was different. He was having none of it. He wanted fed. I had to take a few shots before I finished changing Luke of Taylor trying to comfort him.

Snack Time Together

I've decided to try feeding the babies at the same time for snack. Snack time doesn't involve cereal with their different formulas and it's generally just a veggie that they split so I'm able to feed them every other spoonful. In the evening when Nick helps me feed them we turn the highchairs back to back so they don't distract each other. They still are distracted by each others noises but at least they eat when they can't see each other. They get so excited to sit next to each other. It's cute. Taylor has already taught Luke how to spit his food out though and they do distract each other but it's fun to watch. Depends on their moods and my mood as far as how fun it is. lol It's been mostly fun and they like anticipating their next bite as they watch each other eat. I took a series of pictures after they can't tell from these without audio...but after I took the utensils away...Taylor starts entertaining Luke but screaming and making noise and he just watches her and laughs. Cute.