Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tough guy

Taylor in hospital gear, shirt as pants

Hospital gave Taylor this hat...I love it.

Taylor smiles at Uncle Mick

Taylor with Grandpa McGlaughlin

Grandma and Grandpa McGlaughlin

Grandma and Grandpa Bair

Aunt Kim & Uncle Mick

Aunt Kim & Luke

Kim, Mick and I with Taylor and Luke

First Time Holding Taylor

First time holding Taylor

This is what 24 hrs of labor, 48 hours awake and only ice chips looks like. 
I was soooooo thirsty for a coke!!!! lol

Holding Taylor...this was at 2am. :)

First Time Holding Luke & first meal

First time holding Luke

It was so amazing the way they both locked eyes with me.

First meal

Brand New

Tada! We kept saying HOW did they fit in my belly?

First stare down

Luke old man


Luke's official weigh in

Adjusting to Twins

This is how incredibly uncomfortable it got...I got lopsided...Taylor was pushing out my side. This was 2 days before labor.

It's been awesome to have Nick home. I'm really enjoying spending time with him and the babies. I wish it could be like this forever. He's been super helpful and he LOVES to just kiss and hold the babies. So do I. Miss Taylor is turning into quite the spit fire. Last night she screamed at the top of her lungs which is LOUD for such a little 4 lb thing. Lord help us...her pacifier fell out. Poor Luke got awaken by that sound several times last night. I'm sure he'll just LOVE his sister. Seriously though, they are soooo cute together. We had our first docs appt today and they both gained 3.5 ozs and 3/4 inch in length. My babies are growing already. lol We have them so bundled up all the time it's really hard to see how little they are. I love changing them to touch their feet and legs. Luke LOVES his feet rubbed...he spreads his toes and stretches his legs. They both are very different kids. It should certainly make like interesting. Taylor got a hold of my hair for the first time....she's got quite the grip. She guzzles down her bottle and we have to force her to break for burping. Luke takes his good old time and falls asleep a lot. It's so neat to get to know them. I can't believe they are ours. Praise God for making them.

It feels so strange to not feel things moving in my belly. Every day I wake up and my belly is smaller. I weighed myself today and weighed 105. I'm back into my old pants a week later. It amazes me how my 100lb body carried those babies and has recovered so quickly. I'm still not running marathons but after not being able to do much physically for the past few months, I feel really good. I feared the "twin pouch" that I've read about and the longer uterus recovery from being over extended for twins but I'm recovering way better than I imagined and I made the nurses at the hospital "sick". lol That extra time in the hospital with the babies was helpful...I wasn't home feeling like I had to do stuff. I couldn't do much but relax with the babies in there. I'll tell you what else...we had AMAZING nurses at York Hospital....from labor to maternity and with the care of the babies. They taught Nick and I so much! We learned how to care for preterm to feed them, burp them, bathe them and how to keep them warm. They also set us up with a baby care consultant who will come to the house to help us with questions and teach us. I have an appt. set up for that next week. We've just been so incredibly blessed. I get emotional thinking about it. :)