Sunday, February 28, 2010

So Sweet

Is it me or do they look like they've grown overnight in these pictures? SLOW DOWN!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tons of Randoms

So far behind.....some of these the Christmas tree is still up. lol

Taylor praying...I love watching them from a distance playing.

getting their dance on...

cracks me up what I find when cleaning up toys...

texting...can't imagine where he's seen this? tee hee

our serious baller. :)

Luke still obsessed with brushing Taylor's hair. :)

they love each other... :)

they love making each other around here even if they adults refrain from laughing at bad behavior...they laugh at each other and egg it on.

anything round is ball playing worthy.

my dancer girl. :)

Taylor always makes this bin a step stool.

I thought this was hilarious...look at look chilling while Taylor is working hard in the kitchen.

Feeding each other is still a big thing around here.

Our friends from London finally got to meet Luke and Taylor in person. We had a great visit with them. :)

Looking at the snow....after all the snow we've had they now inform me if it's snowing. Cute how they say it.

I've seen this a lot lately with her getting these stinking viruses.

Someone learned how to unbutton and unzipper. :)

sick. :(

She LOVES her monkey. She sits and reads "5 monkeys jumping on the bed" all by herself and says.. "Monkeys jumping, monkeys jumping and then NO NO NO" Adorable.

Miss thing.