Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Shirts!

It's been hot in the house the last few days. We haven't put a window a/c unit in yet this year because it's really not been very hot. I thought I'd let the babies frolic without shirts and they LOVE it. I was laughing so hard at them......Luke loves to rub his belly when you take his shirt off and I said "whooo" while he was rubbing his chest...Taylor heard and saw this and they both were running around without shirts, rubbing their bellies and saying "whooooooo." Hilarious.

Dutch Wonderland

Loving the water!

Little Miss I have places to go and people to talk to...she was walking around waving "hiiiii" to other kids.

Luke could have played with this one little fountain all day.

Taylor with Aunt Jody

Cousin Mariah and Nick