Saturday, August 6, 2011


{Luke and Taylor deciding on a DVD to watch}
Luke: I wanna watch Jonah.
Taylor: But I don't like Jonah.
Luke: Why not?
Taylor: The big fish is scary.
Luke: That's how God made him. {shrugs shoulders}

Taylor: I love my brother. My brother's my honey.


{We read a devotion about Samson and were talking about how God gave him a gift of being strong to do what God wanted him to...}
Me: What gifts do you think God gave you guys to use for him?
Luke: umm, nothing.
Taylor: umm bunnies and kitties and puppies and ballerinas. {lol}
Me: Well I think God gave Luke the gift of being sensitive.
Luke: {starts instantly crying} BUT I DON'T WANT SENSITIVE!


{in the car}
Luke: {grinning from ear to ear}
Taylor: LUKE! Did you hear me? I said....I LOVE MY BROTHER!
Luke: {grinning from ear to ear}