Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy 4th Anniversary Nick!

Oh how time does fly. The beginning of May is all good for us. May 6th, the babies were born. May 8th, we got married and then Mother's Day is in there. It was kinda nice having mother's day right after they were born. Anyhow...these are some of my fav wedding pictures. Happy Anniversary Nick. Love you!

1Year Olds

They day started out good. I gave them both baths and rushed around to try and have time to take pictures of them in the yard before lunch time. Got it all set up...drug everything out, including the babies and I'd left my camera on and my battery was dead. lol So I tried again in the afternoon but it wasn't quite the same. As soon as I got the babies out the neighbor started up his lawn mower and the babies were distracted by it the whole time and all the sudden it got windy and then chilly. So this is what I ended up with for their official 1 year old pictures. :) We had fun with them and the cake. Was cute. Here's what I documented of the days events.

He loves his new book. lol

Banana bread cup cakes and then with cream cheese low sugar frosting.
I didn't take a final picture with the candles and frosting. :(

They both put their hands right in the icing, then I broke the muffin up for them to dig in. Miss T was very careful and prissy about it...Luke smeared it every where and once he got a taste he was eating it. I'll have to download the video of it. Was funny.

It was a busy night....they were tired and so am I. I'm not even gonna lie...I had the panic feeling as they were messy with that cake. I try so hard to keep them from being messy with food. (babywise all the way) It was kinda hard to let loose...but I'm glad I was fun. :)