Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sick Babies

It's been a rough few days around here. The babies have a nasty virus. This is really the first time they've been "sick" sick. Taylor started a few weeks ago with a yucky eye, I took her to the doc, he gave me medicine in case it turned into pink eye and told me to keep cleaning it and massaging her tear duct. I did and it went away. Then Luke started coughing at night...then followed by Taylor. Taylor was coughing so hard the poor girl threw up a few times. She's been sleeping upright in her car seat for the past 4 nights. I think it's 4's becoming a blur. She wakes up coughing every hour or two. I tried keeping Luke in the bouncer to sleep upright but he hated it. He wanted to lay on his side/belly. I finally gave in after hours of crying...he was fine as long as I was by his side but when I would try to leave he would scream. He's been doing better than Taylor at night but he's restless too...coughing and waking. I took them to the doctor yesterday and it was a different doctor than they normally have. He's an older gentleman and he was very sweet. I was surprised he said they could have a 1/3 teaspoon of plain Robitussin. I know most docs say no to this and now I'm kinda afraid to give them any. Taylor had wheezing in her lungs so she has to have breathing treatments with albuterol every 4 hours and she has an appointment to be checked again Friday. She got her first treatment in the docs office and she FLIPPED out........screaming, crying, kicking. Oh it was fun. I thought the nurse was going to give it but she handed it to me and walked out. I couldn't keep it on her. They gave us a nebulizer to bring home to keep giving her treatments. She's been doing really well with it at home. Today she even fell alseep on me, it was cute. I did my best to reach the camera and take a picture. It was precious. She is usually moving non stop and I have rare moments of cuddling with her. Luke's congestion is bad the poor guy. He doesn't even want his bottle because he can't breathe and drink it at the same time. I've been mixing his whole bottle with cereal to get him his nutrients. They are both eating well...just slower than normal. Taylor's eye is getting yucky again...I'm keeping an eye on it to make sure it isn't pink eye. Their were some cases of it in the docs office when I was in. The doc said again that it might be the start of it. Hopefully it will go away again. We don't need pink eye! On another note. I took the babies to the doc by myself yesterday and it went really well. I've always had someone else help and we've been so lucky that they haven't gotten sick much. I used my double tantum stroller to get them in and out, it took longer for me to undress them and swap them at the docs...but oh well. It was kinda funny to see Taylor strapped into the stroller in only a diaper. My "break" is about up. They are napping now...and I hear Luke waking...they WERE napping. lol. I'm praying for sleep for all of us soon. :)