Saturday, May 22, 2010


Putting Taylor into the car yesterday... "Whooo weee Mommy it's HOT!" :)

Luke was coughing today and Taylor said, "You okay Huke?"

Luke responds to me saying Hi, "Hi Honey!" (He usually says "Hi Mommy" and I say, "Hi Honey.")

Giving Luke his steroid medicine which he doesn't like...after the first sip he makes a face and says, "Sissy's" lol

While reading a book of colors to them Taylor insisted that everything pink was "Sissy's!"


Luke was wheezing yesterday morning badly and didn't sleep well thursday night...took him to the docs...another double ear infection, trial of 2x/day preventive asthma treatment plus additional breathing treatments for healing, steroid to reduce inflammation in his airway and more antibiotics.