Thursday, July 29, 2010


Taylor pooped IN the potty BEFORE nap. After the last few days......that's exciting news to me. :)
Major celebrating round here. Luke's been doing really well today, actually going to his potty and standing there when he has to pee...still going in his diaper too but it's a step in the right direction.

Taylor: Mommy! Luke fart...Luke, say excuse me!

later at lunch...{fly was flying around and I was shooing it}

Taylor: Mommy, don't hurt the fly, be nice.
{fly lands on her bunny, who was "watching" us eat from the table}
Taylor: NO FLY! (pronounced FWY) Leave Bunny Alone! Be Nice Fly!

{We got a new couch and chair today}
Luke: {the whole time during their delivery} Mommy, it's a new couch. Mommy, it's a new chair.
Taylor: WOW! Couch NICE. WOW!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Luke just said....."Okay Honey?" to Taylor. lol

Been A LOT of jealousy over my lap today. "MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY LAP" yikes.

So I've been putting Taylor in onsies for nap to prevent the playing with I get the feeling I should check up on her and she's completely naked with no diaper. Adding some tight undies over everything hoping she can't pull them off. trial and error. Still avoiding duct tape. lol

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poop or Play Dough?

Repeat of yesterday only I caught her with just 2 handfuls. sigh.

I waited an extra hour for her to go...but no...then I hear Luke saying POOPY, POOPY! I go in right away and she's got two handfuls...luckily only the sheets, clothes, crib, bunny and pillow....not everything....still Clorox the crib, laundry, bath and a screaming mad Luke because he didn't get a bath. Didn't want floating poop on him yet.

I seriously think she enjoys doing this for Luke's viewing pleasure. She has ALWAYS loved making him laugh and getting a reaction from him.

Does this guarantee that she'll be an angel as a teenager? ;)


{while eating lunch, Luke was done, Taylor was not}
Luke: Sisssssssssaaaaaaaayyyy, What are you doing?
Taylor: I'm chewing, see? {opening her mouth}
Luke: Ewwww, Sisssssssssaaaaaaaaaay.
{giggle, giggle}

They enjoy tickling each other while singing, saying, "tickle, tickle"

Taylor devours hot dogs and loves raisins which she calls flies, pronounced by her "FWI's.
Luke loves meatloaf, spaghetti and sunflower seeds.

Jumping on their beds and singing all the songs they know, including Ring Around the Rosie and enjoy the ALL FALL DOWN part and they FALL DOWN.

They are also singing TRACTOR, TRACTOR a lot again and they know a lot of the verses.


Me: Is your name Taylor?
Taylor: NO! It's SISSY LEE BAIR!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Poop stories haven't stopped

I haven't written about one in a while.

Taylor wasn't napping so I go up to find her covered in poop. She got into her diaper. It was caked on her hands, in her hair, all over the crib and it's contents including the beloved bunny. Luke was awake too and watching her. So I beg her not to touch ANYTHING...give her a bath, and Luke too because he was mad she was getting one. Clorox the crib, wash no nap today and super moody toddlers.


{Taylor leaning over Luke's face while I was changing him}
Taylor: HEY YOU!
Luke: HEY YOU!
{giggle giggle from them both}

Friday, July 16, 2010

MYYYY Glory to God

Still cracking up over this one.

Luke: {starts singing} Glory to GOD, Glory to GOD, Glory to....

Taylor: {starts singing with him only 10x louder} GLORY TO GOD.....


Taylor: LUKE I CAN SING!!!

Taylor: {proceeding to sing in loud obnoxious voice} GLORY TO GOD, GLORY...

Taylor: {she breaks} MOMMY SING!...GLORY TO GOD

Luke: {stops singing and sits there pouting}

{Apparently Luke owns the © to sing Glory to God SOLO!}

Little Later....

{Luke starts singing the ABC song}

Luke: A B C D E F GGGGGG........

Taylor: {chimes in only LOUDER}


{every time he'd start to try and sing it by himself, she'd chime in and he'd get mad and stop}

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Huke & Snippet

Taylor officially calls her brother Luke not Huke. :)

For some reason she also calls him Lukey....ugh...not sure where she's hearing that, but I'm not a fan. Luke could care less. :)

{Luke burped at lunch}
Taylor: EXCUSE YOU LUKE! {She looks at me and smiles}

Taylor's new fav saying...."No Mommy, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII's do it MYSELF!" and "YEA!" {insert sassy attitude with these for them to be accurate}

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Miss Taylor

Taylor: MOMMY!
Me: Yes?
Taylor: You're CUTE!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Songs & Sentences

Luke and Taylor are talking and singing more and more. I thought I'd just take a second and update on some things they are doing.

Songs they sing:
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Love the Little Children
Glory to God
Old McDonald
Ring Around the Rosie
Patty Cake
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (mostly Luke, Tinkle Tinkle lol)
ABC Song

On the way home from church yesterday I asked them in the car when they did in church and Taylor says: "I had a SNACK! crackers and pretzels and juice!" The Luke says, "I played with train." and Taylor says, "I colored!" They are talking so much!

Grandma and Grandpa Bair took them to the park and they told me they went on a walk and found acorns, rocks and sticks! It's so cute to see them talking so much.

Taylor has been lining up her stuffed animals and dolls in her crib all sitting up around her and she covers a baby with a blanket. Luke the other night tucked in his basketball under a blanket. lol

They are wanting BIG hugs and BIG kisses from me all the time.

We were watch a photo DVD from our wedding and they jumped up and down screaming MOMMY, DADDY KISSING! lol They got all excited naming people...jumping up and down and screaming the whole time. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


{This morning}


{I walk into their room}

Taylor: {whispering} shhhhh Mommy, Huke's sleeping. {pointing to Luke who is passed out}

{I get Taylor out of her crib, she walks over, reaches in his crib and starts rubbing his back}

Taylor: {whispering} huuuuuuuukeeee.......wake up. mommy, hukes sleeping. {she starts trying to give him books and his milk} HUKE! {Luke still sleeping} HUKE WAKE UP!!!!

{Luke wakes up but he then pretends to sleep while Taylor rubs his back}

{Then he swats at her arm, and open his eyes}

Luke: I'M AWAKE! {giggling}

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This morning I gave Luke and Taylor each a book while I got ready. Taylor looked at hers and when she was done she says to Luke:

Taylor: HUKE MY'S BOOK! {reaching out for his}
Luke: {Picking up the book that he wasn't paying an attention to before and bear hugging it.}
Taylor: NO HUKE! SISSY'S BOOK! {reaching out for it}
Taylor: NO WAY HUKE! {Throwing herself down squealing} MOMMY....MY'S BOOK!


Taylor: Love you Mommy. Love Huke, Love Daddy, Love Mommy.


{After Lunch, Luke on the potty...Luke starts to pee}
Taylor: {Looking at Luke's pee coming out} GOOD BOY HUKE! YOU PEEING! {clapping} YAY HUKE!
Luke: I'MA GOOD BOY! {Luke stops peeing}
Taylor: UT peee.
Luke: {starts peeing again}
Taylor: {Looking at Luke's pee coming out} GOOD BOY HUKE! YOU PEEING! {clapping} YAY HUKE!
{Luke stops peeing}
Taylor: UT peee.

{repeat several times. lol} Luke enjoys starting and stopping and watching it. lol

Before nap:
Taylor: Mommy I want BIG HUGS! {SQUEEEEEEEZE}

Taylor: More BIG KISSES!

{repeat several times until I finally leave}

Taylor: {Taylor chasing Linx (our cat)} KISSES KITTY CAT! KISSES? KITTY CAT! KITTY CAT! HINX! kisses peez?

I got out the Little People. (I rotate toys so they get "new" things to play with) Some of the Little People are from their manger scene.

Luke: {all excited runs up to me with Joseph} LOOK MOMMY, Jesus' DADDY! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010


potty progressions....Snippets

So Luke spilled a full potty ALL over the carpet. So last night I was renting a steamer and steaming at midnight. :)

Today I moved the potties into the bathroom. Taylor didn't ask at all to go because she wasn't reminded by seeing it. :(

Luke however went into the bathroom and stood by his potty and waited for me.

Taylor said she had to go later and she was in there by herself...

Taylor: {sitting on potty} MOOOOOMMMMMMMMYYYYY C'MERE!
Then she says: DIS SONG! ....Like DIS SONG! {She wanted to tell me she liked the song on the radio} Then I go to leave and she says, STAY MOMMY!

This morning when they woke up I took Taylor out of her crib and she threw herself on me and said......LOVE YOU MOMMY. She was so dramatic about it. :)

Taylor LOVES cooked broccoli with a little bit of cheese and milk. Luke hates it. :/

Everything according to Taylor is FUNNY right now. :) Like this pic.

Jesus Loves MEEEEE