Monday, July 5, 2010

potty progressions....Snippets

So Luke spilled a full potty ALL over the carpet. So last night I was renting a steamer and steaming at midnight. :)

Today I moved the potties into the bathroom. Taylor didn't ask at all to go because she wasn't reminded by seeing it. :(

Luke however went into the bathroom and stood by his potty and waited for me.

Taylor said she had to go later and she was in there by herself...

Taylor: {sitting on potty} MOOOOOMMMMMMMMYYYYY C'MERE!
Then she says: DIS SONG! ....Like DIS SONG! {She wanted to tell me she liked the song on the radio} Then I go to leave and she says, STAY MOMMY!

This morning when they woke up I took Taylor out of her crib and she threw herself on me and said......LOVE YOU MOMMY. She was so dramatic about it. :)

Taylor LOVES cooked broccoli with a little bit of cheese and milk. Luke hates it. :/

Everything according to Taylor is FUNNY right now. :) Like this pic.

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Annie said...

OMG, definitely potty training a big process.