Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 year check up

Was on 6-11-10 and just now remembering to post. I'm sooo behind on pictures. Just too much going on here with us. All good but not enough down time lately.

Weight: 29-1/4lbs (60%)
Height: 34 1/4 (50%)
Head: 48

Weight: 21-3/4lbs (1%) YES, she's a tiny thing.
Height: 32 1/4 (10%)
Head: 46

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

potty progressions....

Taylor went potty twice BOTH ways today completely on her own. she just can't get her diaper back on yet. :) But when she had to go...she took her diaper off and got on the potty. Big girl, Luke says. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Miss Taylor

Taylor: Mommy, get! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII clean up the ABC's. (lol well ok then)

Taylor: {trying to open a bin of legos and not being able to, she looks at Luke intently} HUKE HELP!

Taylor: Mommy, I don't want bony and cheese...I was pea butter, jelly and bread!

Bossy little thing today. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Potty Training

So potty training has been tricky some days ... like today.

Had them on their potties after lunch and before nap. Take them up for nap and Taylor starts saying she has to pee on the potty. (this has been happening A LOT, I'm thinking it's to prolong nap time) Anyhow....since she has been doing so well, I wanted to try taking her. NO PEE....just a grin. She then giggled and said "Funny Luke, jumping on the bed!" Yes Luke was jumping on the bed and we could hear him. So anyhow, we got back to the crib and she says she has to go again. Not this time. "Taylor, you were just on the potty, it's time for nap" says the Mommy. (me) lol So you know what's next right? Luke: Pee on the potty! sigh. So I take him and NOTHING but a GRIN. "Luke, pee or you're going back to your crib for nap." Luke {looking down at himself trying to pee} "STUCK!" he says. lol So I put his diaper back on and put him in his crib for nap. Taylor of course is whining she has to go again and Luke LOST it. He fell asleep earlier in the car, which never happens anymore, when we were running some errands this morning. He was asleep 10 mins tops....and what a mess that causes. He screamed and screamed, MOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY POTTTTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYY PEEEEEEEEEE..........over and over. After several attempts at laying him back down...It's now 3 and I finally broke down and went up and held him until he crashed. That all started at 12:45. I'm now covered in snot and tears but it's quiet...for now. :)


So on the way up to Pappy and Grandmas yesterday...Luke sees some tractors.

Luke: Tractor! Tractor Wheels! :)
Luke: {crying}
Taylor: HUKE NO! {pointing her finger at him}
Nick: Taylor, stop it, mind your own business.
Luke: SIS-SAY......NO!
Me: Luke Stop.

{for the next several minutes there was a stare down between them in silence}

Nick said it reminded him of two cats glaring each other down before fighting. Neither would look away from each other and they had some serious, not budging faces on. :)

Cracks me up.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

In the Car

Car rides are hilarious lately. Taylor and Luke tonight we're yelling....Daddy SING! Mommy SING! So we sing and we sing....

We passed some cows and Taylor got very excited to see them. Once we passed them she got upset......

Taylor: {whining}.......COOOOOWWWWWSSSSSS........cows? cows? C'mere cows.
Luke: {yelling} NO COWS.....COWS BYE BYE!
Taylor: {yelling and pointing her finger at him} HUKE NO! {then whining again} cooooowwwwwwwsssssss. cowwwwwwwwwwws.
Luke: {yelling} NO COWS.....COWS BYE BYE!
Taylor: {yelling and pointing her finger at him} HUKE NO! {then whining again} cooooowwwwwwwsssssss. cowwwwwwwwwwws.

...on and on.....


Nick: Look sissy there are cows.
Taylor: COWS!!!! See 'em! COWS! :)
{passing cows}
Taylor: {whining}.......COOOOOWWWWWSSSSSS...buh byes.....cows?
Luke: {yelling} NO COWS.....COWS BYE BYE!

Nick: Hey Luke, you see the tractors, Look!
Luke: {very excited} TRACTOR!!!! TRACTOR WHEELS!!!!
{passing tractor}
Taylor: {yelling} NO TRACTOR!!!! TRACTOR BYE BYE!
Luke: {whining and crying}


Friday, June 18, 2010

Lightning Bugs

Had a great time catching lightning bugs with Luke & Taylor tonight. Luke chases and catches them and Taylor whines for me to give her one. :)

Taylor: C'mere lightning bug....hey lightning bug....c'mere......HIIIIII lightning bug. Aww...nice lightning bug. on and on...

Then the neighbor girl came out. Luke starts jumping up and down...yelling GEORGIE!!!! and Taylor kept giving her lightning bugs saying.....Georgie....c'mere.....lightning bug..see it? Here!..aww.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


{Nick sits down on the couch beside me and kisses me}
{Taylor THROWS herself down on the ground, SCREAMING! Rolls around screaming...}
{She comes up to me, whining...}
Taylor: Mooooommmmmmmmy UP! HUG! {in the whiniest voice ever}
Me: What's the matter?
Taylor: Daddy no! Mommy, HUG, UP!
Luke: Stop it Daddy!

(thinking we've gotta get this on video) lol


Both Luke and Taylor peed on the potty this morning. They had dry diapers after eating breakfast and then had "real" pees. lol YAY!

Taylor: {getting off of potty and getting her diaper back on}
Luke: Huke's turn!
Me: Yup it's Luke's turn to use the potty.
Taylor: Noo....sissy's potty.
Me: Taylor it's not your potty, we share it.
Luke: Share sissy.
Me: Luke are you gonna pee on the potty?
Taylor: Pee on SISSY'S potty. Huke pee on SISSY's potty.

{she loves her potty. lol}

{Luke on the potty}
Luke: UT! PEE!
Me: Good job Luke, you're peeing on the potty!
Taylor: Peeing on SISSY's potty.
Me: Good job Luke.
Luke: Good Boy! lol
Taylor: My's potty Huke.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Praying & Singing Worship Music

This morning Taylor insisted on praying for baby Jacob. (Jacob is our youth pastor's son. They were with him Sunday during church. I was told they were telling Jacob NO to everything that morning...bossy little stinkers) Anyhow...normally at meal times we ask Luke and Taylor if they want to pray for anyone and they list people and we pray for them. Taylor sort of started this on her own by adding names when we were praying way back. Anyhow...this morning.....she wanted to pray for baby Jacob out of the blue. So we did. She also then wanted to pray for Mommy, Daddy, Pappy, Mick, Kim, Grandma, Luke and Taylor.

Luke then prayed for church. :) He said, God is God is....AAAAmen Church! They say God is God is....because we sometimes do the, "God is great, God is good, let us thank him for our food, by his hands, we are fed, give us Lord, our daily bread, Amen."

Last night Taylor prayed for babies, Pappy and Mick. Sometimes she prays for her bunny too. :)

Then we're outside for lunch and we prayed. Taylor wanted to pray for the butterflies, flowers, sky, grass and BOYS! :)...she also wanted to pray for Jacob, Georgie (the neighbor girl) Mommy and Daddy. Luke loves chasing butterflies as a side note. :)

We were listening to the radio and "Glory to God" was on. The whole song played and then Luke was coloring and I started hearing him sing........"Glory to God....Glory to God....Glory to God, FOREVER!" Soooooooooo adorable. Hopefully I'll get a video up of it soon. I've been having trouble posting video to the blog so we shall see.

It's amazing, Taylor especially will bring up names when we ask who she wants to pray for. Not the same family names but she will name names of youth/young adults that we have ministered to. She prays for Hannah who is in the Navy and she rarely gets to see her but she still remembers time to time to pray for her. So adorable and sweet.

They sing it better than I. ;) Hear the song here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


{Luke gets up from his potty and walks off}
Me: Luke, stay on the potty.
{Luke walks back to the potty, looks down and then pees on top of it}
Me: Luke you're peeing.....sit!
Luke: Pee Potty, YAY!
He proceeds to start and stop on command in the potty...and cheers every time he pees. Taylor was looking very closely and joining in on the celebrating when he went. He sometimes though is so excited to look and see the peeing that he shoots in the air! lol I've added a big towel around his potty for that reason. :)

Rock a bye baby. We moved our nicer rocker up to LT's room. Since then in the mornings we've been doing "Rock a Bye Baby" on it. First it was one at a time which the other one would quickly announce when it was HUKE'S or SISSY'S turn. lol Then they started both getting up together and giggling. So cute.

They continue to tell each other to "SHARE" the steps. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010


While going up the stairs to nap:
{side by side}
Taylor: Mines Stairs Huke! No!

{Nick kisses me}
Taylor: Screaming and throwing herself on the couch.
Luke: No Daddy!

(Sometimes they like when Nick kisses me......sometimes NOT) :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Snippets from Today

Taylor: "Mommy....poopy" {I scramble to get the potty out and her diaper off}
Taylor: {sad looking in potty} " poopy......diaper on." (put her diaper back on}

2 secs later:
Taylor: "Mommy....poopy" {I scramble to get the potty out and her diaper off}
Taylor: {sad looking in potty} " poopy......diaper on." (put her diaper back on}

repeat about 20x's NOTHING.

Taylor: "Mommy....poopy" {I scramble to get the potty out and her diaper off}
Taylor: "Mommy.......I poopied! YAY! Poopy in the potty! YAY! {clapping}
Luke: {comes over to see the poopy} "YAY! Poopy potty......GOOD GIRL SISSY!"
Taylor: "Sissy...FUSH IT!" {trip to flush it}
Luke and Taylor: "buh byes poopy!" YAY!
Taylor: "Hukes turn!"
Luke: {flushes toilet 2 more times}
Me: "Luke, no...don't flush it."
Taylor: "Poopy Huke!"
Luke: {sad}
Me: "Honey, when you poopy in the potty, you can flush it, okay?"
Luke: {goes and sits on Taylor's potty}
Me: "Luke, do you have to poopy?"
Luke: "NO!"

That took all morning. :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Snippets from Today

This morning from their cribs:
Taylor: MOMMAY!
Taylor: MOMMAY!
Taylor: ALI!
Taylor: HINXX (linx is our cats name)
Taylor: MOMMAY!
{repeat} lol

While eating lunch in their high chairs:

Taylor: HUKE....KISS! (leaning over)
Luke: NO SIS-SY!
Taylor: HUKE...KISS PEEZ! (leaning over again)
Luke: disgusted...looking away: NO SIS-SY!
Taylor: {cries}
Taylor: Mommy...Kiss? MMMMUUUUAH! Thank you Mommy.

A fly (FY) enters the room:
Taylor: A FY! A FY! {pointing} NO FY! NO....SIT FY.....SIT DOWN FY....Mommy....FY....starting to cry.
Luke: No No FY...BUG GROSS....EWWW.....