Thursday, June 10, 2010

Praying & Singing Worship Music

This morning Taylor insisted on praying for baby Jacob. (Jacob is our youth pastor's son. They were with him Sunday during church. I was told they were telling Jacob NO to everything that morning...bossy little stinkers) Anyhow...normally at meal times we ask Luke and Taylor if they want to pray for anyone and they list people and we pray for them. Taylor sort of started this on her own by adding names when we were praying way back. Anyhow...this morning.....she wanted to pray for baby Jacob out of the blue. So we did. She also then wanted to pray for Mommy, Daddy, Pappy, Mick, Kim, Grandma, Luke and Taylor.

Luke then prayed for church. :) He said, God is God is....AAAAmen Church! They say God is God is....because we sometimes do the, "God is great, God is good, let us thank him for our food, by his hands, we are fed, give us Lord, our daily bread, Amen."

Last night Taylor prayed for babies, Pappy and Mick. Sometimes she prays for her bunny too. :)

Then we're outside for lunch and we prayed. Taylor wanted to pray for the butterflies, flowers, sky, grass and BOYS! :)...she also wanted to pray for Jacob, Georgie (the neighbor girl) Mommy and Daddy. Luke loves chasing butterflies as a side note. :)

We were listening to the radio and "Glory to God" was on. The whole song played and then Luke was coloring and I started hearing him sing........"Glory to God....Glory to God....Glory to God, FOREVER!" Soooooooooo adorable. Hopefully I'll get a video up of it soon. I've been having trouble posting video to the blog so we shall see.

It's amazing, Taylor especially will bring up names when we ask who she wants to pray for. Not the same family names but she will name names of youth/young adults that we have ministered to. She prays for Hannah who is in the Navy and she rarely gets to see her but she still remembers time to time to pray for her. So adorable and sweet.

They sing it better than I. ;) Hear the song here.

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