Tuesday, June 8, 2010


{Luke gets up from his potty and walks off}
Me: Luke, stay on the potty.
{Luke walks back to the potty, looks down and then pees on top of it}
Me: Luke you're peeing.....sit!
Luke: Pee Potty, YAY!
He proceeds to start and stop on command in the potty...and cheers every time he pees. Taylor was looking very closely and joining in on the celebrating when he went. He sometimes though is so excited to look and see the peeing that he shoots in the air! lol I've added a big towel around his potty for that reason. :)

Rock a bye baby. We moved our nicer rocker up to LT's room. Since then in the mornings we've been doing "Rock a Bye Baby" on it. First it was one at a time which the other one would quickly announce when it was HUKE'S or SISSY'S turn. lol Then they started both getting up together and giggling. So cute.

They continue to tell each other to "SHARE" the steps. :)

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